Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Day in My Life Photo Essay


A Day in My Life Photo Essay
What Makes Me..... ME (Somewhere in this Photo Essay we should know what is important in your life)

1 Create an Set called Photo essay at account with your initials in the name    10

2 Take at least 30 new photos. The 30 photos tell a story about a day in your life and post all 30 on your Flickr Set in the Photo essay . 30

3. Title each photo and add tags, photo essay, first name 15

4. Choose your best 10 and edit them. To edit them at Flickr please use the more tab at the bottom of the screen. At the drop down menu choose Aviary.  You now have the ability to edit your photos. These photos should show proof of editing (post the original and then the edited version, so a total of 40 will be the minimum. The Edited photos should have a different name and the tag edited 20

5. Create a Google Presentation with your best 10 pictures.  Use a slide that has a title and make sure that your photo fills the bottom of the slide.    20

6.Complete assignment by December 19th    15
Total    100

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Original Lesson virginia killmore

Skatepark Assignment Looking for Lines

Through a hole

Welcome to your second assignment.  I would like you to have fun during a simple field trip to the Skatepark.

Create a Google Presentation
Title the Presentation Skatepark Field Trip Looking for Lines
Choose to keep only 10 photos from the Field Trip
Add these photos to your Google Presentation.
For each photo you keep explain the composition and the line you were trying to capture.
Remember the Composition is what you intended to do in the photo.
Embed your Google Presentation at the Blog

Edit at least 2 photos in Avery at Flickr
One should be black and white and the other you choose the edit.

Due Monday October 7

October Photo a Day

Welcome to the Photo a Day Assignment.  While it is titled Photo a Day you are not required to have posted each photo each day (though that is fun!).  By November 1st you will be required to have a 31 image set at Flickr.

  • Create a set a Flickr      user name spmath password is the usual:)
  • Title your set *****'s October Photo a Day (**** is your name)
  • Upload all photos to your Flickr Set
  • tag your photos with the following tags, "October Photo a Day", your name, subject of photo (one word if possible)
This is a fun assignment.  Any device that captures images will do.  Ipod, digital camera, DSLR, phone, you name it you can use it as long as it is able to upload. Remember your rules of composition and try to vary them when capturing your image.

Good luck

Worth 40 Marks Due November 1st.
 Image is from Thanks in Advance.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Shots and Angles Assignments

The Lion Gate of Vancouver   cc image from Flickr The Lion Gate of Vancouver by Trey Ratcliff 


  • Working with a partner search the internet and read up on the different shots and angles.
  • For each term draw a thumbnail image as well as a definition that you will be able to use as a reference throughout the year Each student will complete this in their photography notebook
  • Include a list of where you found information
** Students must show me complete notes before moving on to part two

  • Take photos that represent each of the shots, angles and miscellaneous
terms You will be sharing a camera but each student will be expected to take their own photos
  • Create a folder in your u:drive and call it shots & angles
  • Resize your photos so that they are no bigger than 600  and save them in your new folder
  • Using the photos you took create a PowerPoint presentation each slide should have an image and definition
  • You should have a title slide that includes your name, course title & code, teacher’s name as well as assignment name.
  • Last slide should reference where you found your original information

Camera Shots        Camera Angles    Composition        Rule of Thirds
Extreme Long Shot    Long Shot        Medium Shot        Chest Shot
Extreme Close Up    Over the Shoulder     Shot  Two- Shot    Point of View
Eye level        High Angle Level    Oblique Shot

Assessment may change but you will be notified

  • Folder setup… 2 marks
  • Saving procedures … 3 marks
  • Notes/Storyboard … 5 marks
  • Power Point presentation … 32 marks

    Be sure to embed your Presentation at the blog.