Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Day in My Life Photo Essay


A Day in My Life Photo Essay
What Makes Me..... ME (Somewhere in this Photo Essay we should know what is important in your life)

1 Create an Set called Photo essay at account with your initials in the name    10

2 Take at least 30 new photos. The 30 photos tell a story about a day in your life and post all 30 on your Flickr Set in the Photo essay . 30

3. Title each photo and add tags, photo essay, first name 15

4. Choose your best 10 and edit them. To edit them at Flickr please use the more tab at the bottom of the screen. At the drop down menu choose Aviary.  You now have the ability to edit your photos. These photos should show proof of editing (post the original and then the edited version, so a total of 40 will be the minimum. The Edited photos should have a different name and the tag edited 20

5. Create a Google Presentation with your best 10 pictures.  Use a slide that has a title and make sure that your photo fills the bottom of the slide.    20

6.Complete assignment by December 19th    15
Total    100

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