Monday, June 23, 2014

My Year in GCT: Katie Khau

My 5 best pieces of GCT are:

My Year Reflection

This year I have learned many things mostly things involving a mac book. When we had to learn how to edit footage on imovie I couldn't help but find it difficult, but as we kept working only on imovie and learning about all the neat features it had to offer; i started getting more use to it. Another thing I've learned was photoshop; I never really used it before until this year, so it was a great experience for me. Overall GCT was a great experience and a fun course.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Year In GCT

Photoshop Element

Stop Motion

First iMovie

Leaves Shot
Day2 Leaves

Quick shot
Day28 Something I'm afraid of

This year in GCT was a blast, I had fun learning new things and taking a lot of cool shots. This year I actally learned how to use iMovie on a Mac, to be honest it was pretty tricky. I also learned how to use the camera like how to change the aperture and stuff. I really enjoyed being in this class because Mr. Harbeck makes it more fun, like that time we took a fall walk and took some shots. That was really fun! The hardest challenge that I had trouble on was my I Have A Dream presentation. It was really hard because I couldn't really make it the way I wanted it. Overall, I enjoyed taking pictures and making videos. :) 

Tran's My Year in GCT

Martin Luther King Speech

Very first Stop Motion

2nd Stop Motion (Magic Hands)

Athletic Banquet Video (Senior Basketball)

How I captured Paul Walker somehow.

This year I learned how to actually use a Mac laptop!! Which was a huge accomplishment. I learned how to use the camera manually and how to change the shutter and aperture to take nicer photos. I also learned how to get the lens to open to take in more light and how to use photoshop to make my photos look nice. I actually really enjoyed this class. I loved it when we went outside to take photos. I didnt enjoy having to restart my MLK speech about 5 times though but it was kinda fun.. I especially enjoyed making the videos!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

My Year In GCT

Martin Luther Kind Speech

PhotoShop Elements

Skate Park

The Camera

Athletic Banquet Video (Senior Basketball)


My Year in GCT

Throughout the entire year I learned many different skills. I learned how to use photoshop and all the cool things that you can do in photoshop. This year, I also learned a lot of different types of shots that you can take with a camera rather than always taking the same old boring landscape or portrait pictures.I learned all the different settings in the camera like how to use shutter speed, aperture and manual mode. While learning about all the settings in a camera, I learned that the longer the time in shutter speed, the more light

Monday, June 16, 2014

My Year In GCT

Fallen Leaves (Edited) Count The Trees

Click This

To be honest, I had a lot of fun in GCT this year, it's one of my favorite classes. I learned a lot of things that I could use in the future and I made new friends. If it weren't for this class I wouldn't know how to use the camera properly and know the different settings. One thing I really enjoyed doing in this class was taking pictures, like when we went to the skate park and the fall walk. Because of this course I realized that I'm actually interested in taking pictures :) Another thing that I had fun doing was the stop motion, before I always wonder how they do the motion stop and how much effort it takes to make one and now I can proudly say that I made one! I'm also thankful of this class because I finally learned how to use the Mac and make movies in iMovie. I'm really glad that I was chosen to be in this course because all of the things I learned will be useful in the future. Yes, there was a lot of struggles too but it was all worth it in the end. Also, thank you Mr. Harbeck for making it a fun and enjoyable class :)

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Roselle's Year in GCT

This year i love this class.... the fact that we get to use cameras and use our phones in class were awesome :) It's one of my favorite classes this year. It was really fun!! We got to work on the yearbook and videos for important occasions. It was nice to explore and try the new things we did in GCT this year. I've always wanted how to use iMovie and if it weren't for this class, I couldn't have learned to use it. It was cool to try using a Mac because ive never used one. Also the I have a dream presentation was very useful and helpful for me because now i know how to create nice presentations with different styles. This year was really fast. There were so many opportunities with different ares like photography, video editing, and etc. Anyways I had fun in this class. :)

Photoshop elements PPT

Mariel's Year in GCT

the camera 234.JPG


This year in GCT I learned a lot more than I thought I would. First of all, I learned how to use a camera properly. I learned how to appreciate the different options you have and how to take pictures like the pros do (although I am still very far from a pro). After learning how to take amazing photos, even though it seems impossible, I learned how to make photos even more amazing using photo shop. I don't think I'll ever be able to go back to taking plain old photos, no matter where my future takes me. Another thing I learned was how to use a mac and imovie. I never realized how much you could do with imovie until this course showed me. Lastly I learned how to make powerpoint presentations interesting, which for me, is a big thing. I'm really glad I picked this course because I now have a better perspective on how big media can change the way you look at things. The whole entire year it wasn't like other courses, we all learned from each other and got things done as one great team. It was a really great, fun and memorable year, so thank you. :-)

Emerald's Year in GCT

To say the least, GCT was probably one of my favourite classes this year. I loved the fact that this class took place inside a classroom, and sometimes it was outside when we went on our little walks and field trips where we could put what we learned into use. I could definitely see myself using a lot of the things I learned in the future, like using typography when making a presentation to make important points stand out. Before I took this class, I barely knew anything about cameras but I always thought that the idea of taking pictures and making them look better using Photoshop was exciting. I also learned how to take better photos with the right settings and adjustments, even the different angles photos could be taken at. And if I didn't like the way they turned out I could always use an editing program or website to do something different. What I liked the most was that almost all the time, we were free to do what we wanted in terms of making things look great. I'll definitely miss this class, and the unique ways Mr. Harbeck taught us to do thingsヾ(●⌒∇⌒●)ノ

Faith's Year in GCT

As this year is quickly coming to an end, looking back to the beginning of the year only seems fair. I've gained skills and knowledge that I wouldn't have expected I would be decent at. Taking my own pictures and having people comment on it has allowed me to work with it and make them better. Learning how to use Photoshop Elements and editing our photos was one of my favorites because we could play with it and make it our own and as unique as possible. When the video part of the year came in, I wasn't as excited but it proved to be very entertaining (stressful and slightly irritating at times, no doubt) and fun enough to do and film the things. The athletic video was pretty fun to make because we used almost everything like picture in picture and snap to beat. This class was my first choice last year and I am eternally grateful that I got to spend my last year doing things that flourished my creative side.

Alyssa's Year in GCT

Point and Shoot edit 


I don't know if you could tell but, this was my favorite class this year. It dealt with typography (my favorite), photography, video recording, and editing. These were all very intriguing, as I'd to pursue a career in graphic communications. The different projects, such as the stop-motion movie, the MLK speech, an endeavor into Photoshop, the yearbook, and the graduation + athletic banquet video were all very interesting (but I really liked doing things in Photoshop and with typography :^)). I had fun learning the ways of iMovie, as I'd never really had a Mac before. I'll probably look into one later on, as the editing was fairly easy. I'll truly miss this class and the classmates, but most especially, the teacher! :^)

Friday, June 13, 2014

Rain's Year in GCT

Year end reflection:
It's unbelievable how quickly the year has passed, yet I've learned a lot of useful things that I know will come in handy in the future. In the beginning of the year, I didn't even know how to use the cameras properly and took the most boring photos ever, but now I know all these different settings and techniques and even different ways to stand for taking better angled shots. I've also learned how to take those great photos and enhance them even further in Photoshop, where I did all sorts of neat things like bend text, fix colours, and add cool effects. Furthermore, I learned the art of good typography, which is something I've become quite interested in and will for sure put to use in the future. We've played with iMovie a lot, editing footage to make it look like we're talking to ourselves, having pictures transition to the beat of a song, and so on. Without a doubt, the whole year has just been such a colourful experience, and I hadn't realized just how much I've learned until I looked back at it all. I have absolutely no regrets in having chosen GCT as one of my classes this year.

Rain's I Have a Dream Presentation

I'm totally not late
1. The big message of the speech was racial equality; that beneath everyone's skin, no matter what colour, everyone was made equal, and should be treated so. Everyone deserves to be accepted, respected, and given rights and freedoms.
The slide/part of the speech that I found really important was "I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character." because imagining four small, innocent children that have hopes to one day be accepted for what they hold inside, rather than be judged by their race, touched me. These children of his represent the future, and represent hope to him as a father.
2. I played with the size, colours, spacing between letters, spacing between lines, and tried all sorts of creative ways to place words to make my slides look interesting.
3. Since I plan to become an artist in the future, I'll definitely be using fonts creatively to create art that will, I hope, have impacting messages with eye catching typography. Also to use for school projects.
4. The most difficult part for me was that it was just so tedious having to put in the words to the ENTIRE speech and fix them up slide after slide after slide. 
5. If I remember, I just went to file, save & send, and had it converted into a video. I had the help of people around, but you can't always rely on others. When in doubt, google it.
6. I would change this assignment by making some slides more unique and bold. I felt like at some point the slides got really repetitive and dull.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Year in GCT JBethel

Year End Reflection:
This year in GCT went by really fast and it only feels like I've been here for a few months. I learned a lot from Mr. Harbeck and I enjoyed the stuff we did. In the beginning we learned about how to use a camera and experimenting how the pictures would turn out. We talked about the different functions of the camera and what it does. Then we started doing stop motions, it was really fun and everybody's was very creative. After we edited photos using Photoshop Elements. This was my favourite thing to do and I learned so much about it like how to use the tools such as the Orton effect. Then we had fun activities on doing videos such as picture in picture. There was so much we did and I'm going to miss all of it though the things I have learned this year I will use for the next years to come. I'm so glad that I picked this subject and it was very fascinating, interesting and exciting to be in this class.

Camilla's My Year in GCT

Five best things I did this year:

Skatepark Photo:

Day in my life photo:
The bright yellow car (Photo stack/collage)

1st Stop Motion project:

Picture in Picture:

Fun Day Set:

My Reflection for this year:

This year in GCT was pretty good I learned variety of things such as how to control a camera because before I find it a bit confusing using those, but now I'm okay with it. And also those angles of the camera and how to take a picture with the camera such as "rule of thirds" and "composition". Now I used these camera angles when I take photo (sometimes). And I learned a lot of things on imovie, it was a fun time editing on imovie and now I know how to work imove. Then I also learnt stuff from editing on Photoshop. Now I can edit properly with the picture I can take in the future. GCT was a great class, I learnt a lot from it and I hope I learn more next year. Im also wanting to learn how to work a video camera for next year maybe.

My Year in GCT


This year I learned many new skills and techniques that deals with the camera and also the computers/macs. I learned how to take pictures with a different perspective. I got to learn how to work a camera and what all settings did to each photo. Editing photos were also really fun but also tricky at the same time because you had to edit your photo a way that wouldn't take away from the original photo. Another thing I learned in this class was to make a movie on the macs. I had no idea how to really work a mac until I got to actually use one. At first, using iMovie was a pain in the butt because I had no idea what to do but I eventually got the hang of it. Making movies was probably one of the best things I learned in this class

Mae's My Year In GCT. ☺








This year I learned a lot of new things in this class. I learned how to work camera properly with all of it's settings. I learned how to edit pictures on photo shop. I also learned to have patience ever since that assignment. ☺ I learned how to upload videos and how to embed them into a blog, just like this. I learned how to create stop motion videos, as seen in my top 5 best pieces. I learned how to import videos into the Macs and to put them into iMovie. I learned how to Put pictures and videos together in iMovie and putting music with it too. I also learned how to lower down the music volume when ever it's needed. That was really useful. This year, I have learned a lot of new things about technology and I had a lot of fun learning about it. It's been a great year.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Katie Khau's playing with Imovie

Opps I realized I never posted this!

Snap to beat

Picture in Picture

Katie's I have a dream: Martin Luther King Jr.

1. The message in Martin Luther King's speech was that everyone has freedom and that everyone is equal and that they should not judged by their skin but by personality. I think the slide which was the most important to me was "From every mountainside, let freedom ring" because it shows how they will finally get their freedom and show the world the difference it can make for the better.

2. The creative fonts that I presented were from the 5 tips of typography including the choice of font, spacing of the lines, different colors, contrast and sizing. Also making sure that the important words were very noticeable.

3. I will use the fonts creatively in the future for assignments involving powerpoints, or for just graphic work.

 4. The most difficult part was the audio because i tried over 3 times redoing the audio until it finally worked.

5. To convert a PPT to a WMV simply save it but instead of JPEG save it as WMV.

6. I wouldn't really change anything because it was quite fun creating the fonts and different styles, probably just do a shorter speech next time.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Perry Robles's I Have a Dream MLK

  1. The message in Martin Luther Kings speech was to let black people all over the United States to be free. He wanted for everyone to live together and have the same opportunities, not just for the blacks but for everyone. The one slide that was important to me was the second last slide, when he says "Free at last! Free at last!"
  2.  The creative uses of fonts I used in my presentation were change in font, size, color, spacing and contrast.
  3. I will use fonts creatively in the future when I have to do another PowerPoint sort of like this one in my classes in the future.
  4. The most difficult part in the process of making this PowerPoint was recording the animations because if you made a mistake you would have to restart all the way in the beginning, which i had to do like over ten times.
  5. I converted the PPT into a WMV by saving the PPT into a movie then uploading it onto YouTube which was way faster, I advise you to use a Mac for this type of project.
  6. I would change it by maybe only doing a little bit of the speech, because it was pretty long, or a smaller speech.

Kamilah's I Have A Dream - Martin Luther King Jr.


1. The message in MLK's speech is about all the segregation, prejudice and racism that is happening. It was his dream for everyone to be equal and to be free from all racial injustice. He wanted everyone to treat each other the same and not judge people by their race or the color of their skin. For me the most important slide was - "I have a dream that one day even the state of Mississippi, a state sweltering with the heat of injustice, sweltering with the heat of oppression, will be transformed into an oasis of freedom and justice."

2. The creative use of fonts in my presentation are the choice of font, text size, contrast, line spacing and colors. I made sure that the important words stood out in every slide. 

3. I plan to use what I learned in this assignment for any other presentations that I will do in the future. I will make sure that my presentation will keep the audience engaged and not be bored. I will also use the 5 tips for better typography to improve my presentation.

4. For me, the most difficult part was breaking down the speech into different slides because it was very time consuming. I also had difficulties when we have to convert the power point into a wmv because it takes so long to load. Another part where I had difficulties was that I have to change some of the fonts and sizes of the text when I work on my power point at school because I have a different version of power point at home and because of that some of the text in the slides didn't show up.

5. In order to convert my power point into a wmv I clicked file and then save as and chose the wmv instead of jpeg and then I uploaded it to YouTube. It was easy to convert but it takes a really long time.

6. In my opinion I wouldn't really change this assignment because to be honest it was fun to play around with the fonts and I really enjoyed it but it takes a lot of time to finish this and a lot of effort. I just wish that the programs we used were much faster. 

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jessica Hartogs I Have a Dream Presentation


1. What is the Message in MLK's speech.  Which slide of the many that you created was most important to you?

 On August 28, 1963, MLK gave a speech about freedom and equality. He gave a speech about how everyone is the same on the inside and its wrong to be judged my the colour of your skin. You should  be judged on your character not on your race. 

2.  What are the creative uses of fonts in your presentation?

I used alot of different types of fonts in my presentation. I used colours and text size to emphasize the most important words, I also used the more and less spaced letters for less important words and/or to make the the slide have a more interesting look to it., and many other things.

3.  How will you use fonts creatively in the future?

For all the future powerpoints and presentations I do i will use fonts to my advantage instead of them just being there to make sure everyone understands and is following along. I will use them to keep the audiance engaged in my presentation.

4.  What was the most difficult part of this process of making a movie from PPT?
The most difficult part for me was finding time to finish it because whenever I was not playing sports I was always on the phone with my grandpa in the hospital so between my 6 practices a week and m grandpa it was very difficult to find time.

5.  Create a user guide for future students.  How did you end up converting a PPT of WMV?
To change my Powepoint to a Windows Movie whatever I had went to Save as and it gave you things you could save the power point as I went down to WMV and I left it over night to render the over and the next day, it was saved in my U drive.

6.  How would you change this assignment next year?
If i could change this assignment for next year, I would pick a shorter speech.
but if you wanted to use the MLK speech again, either make it a partner assignment or give the kids a longer time to finish the speech.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mae Concepcion's: MLK Wrap Up

  1. The message in MLK's speech is that everyone should be treated equally. That you shouldn't judge a person just by their skin colour and that we should all see each other as brothers and sisters. And that we should change for our own sakes. My favourite slide(s) was: "We cannot walk alone. And as we walk, we must take the pledge that we shall always march ahead. We cannot turn back." 
  2. I tried to use a wide variety of fonts on words that I wanted to stand out. I also tried to match the colors with the tone of the words. 
  3. In the future, I will creatively use my fonts on the words that I want to stand out and the words that I think are important. Kind of like what I did on this presentation. 
  4. It takes a long time to make a movie. 
  5. How to convert a powerpoint into a video: File. Save and Send. Create a video. Create video. TAAADAAAAA. 
  6. I wouldn't change the assignment because the assignment was brilliant but I would only change the due date because it takes quite a long time to do. 

Gem Magnaye's MLK Speech

1. The message that Martin Luther King was trying to get across was freedom. Allowing black Americans to be free. He wanted everyone to live in a world as one, with the same rights and opportunities. 

2. The changes I made on my presentation were font, size, color, size and contrast.

3. I will use fonts creatively in the future if I am trying to create a PowerPoint or an assignment similar to this one.

4. The most difficult part of this assignment was making sure that every time I converted the presentation to a movie that it would have the audio with it. 

5. I converted my PowerPoint into a WMV file by clicking "file" which is at the top, going down to "save&send", then "create a movie", and then clicked "create."

6. I thought this speech was a really long speech and I thought it would take a long time to finish, so I would've chosen a smaller speech or re-create a part of the speech but overall it was a fun project. 

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jaedah Coronia - Uzon's Martin Luther King Speech Jr. I Have Dream Speech


1. The message in Martin Luther Kings speech is about all people are equal and have rights in America. Martin Luther Kings believes that segregation, prejudice, racism etc. should come to an end. It was his dream along with the other peoples dream. 
- The most important slide to me was when he said "Now is the time to rise from the dark and desolate valley of segregation to the sunlit path of racial justice."

2. The creative fonts that I used was the ones that match to what he was saying and also the colour to make the words interesting. Overall I think I did well on the presentation.

3. I am going to continue to use more creative fonts in my presentations so it would make my future power points  less boring and more interesting.

4. The most difficult part while doing this presentation is putting the audio in and to make it right on to what he was saying. Also, the most difficult part is that he had a very long speech and I had exactly 105 slides for making his speech.

5. How I ended up converting my power point to a wmv is I got help by my friends. The steps to get a ppt to a wmv is you go to insert audio and get your file, then once its there you go and save it as a wmv.

6. I wouldn't want to change my presentation because I put a lot of effort into it and I really liked the way it turned out.

Vina's I Have a Dream speech - MLK



1. The message in MLK's speech is that everyone should be free and be treated equally. No one should judge or treat others bad because of the colour of their skin or religion. My favourite slide that I created was "We cannot turn back." 
2. The creative uses of fonts in my presentation were based on the '5 tips for better typography'. 
3. I will use fonts creatively in the future when I do any projects or presentations. 
4. The most difficult part of the process for me, was figuring out what was important in each slide, and trying to make each slide different. 
5. It's pretty simple! Press: File -> Save & Send -> Create a video -> Create a video (on the right hand side)
6. I wouldn't change anything about this project. It was fun learning about fonts, and the 'I Have a Dream' speech all at the same time! 

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Da Silva's MLK Speech

-No Sound


1. The message in MLK's speech is to make freedom and justice a reality, to stop all racism that's happening in this world, and to believe and dream that one day everyone will be free, everyone will get the freedom they deserve. Of the many slides that I have created, the one I think is the most important is when MLK is explaining his dreams and then he says that with this faith, they can work together, pray together, struggle together, jail together, freedom together, and hopefully one day, to be FREE.

2. The creative uses of font that I did in my presentation was I used the 5 tips for better typography which is to changing the font, change the text size when needed, text contrast for example, making some words bold, also changed character and line spacing and the text color.

3. I will use fonts creatively in the future if I may have to do another presentation or an assignment similar to this one.

4. The most difficult part was actually reading the information I had in each slide and either changing the font of words, bolding words that I thought were important, or changing the color of words. Took me at least a month to finish.

5. I converted a PPT into a WMV file by going into powerpoint, clicking "file" which is at the top, going down to "save&send", then "create a movie", and then clicked "create."

6. I might've just choosen a smaller speech so it wouldn't take as long as it took us to finish, but otherwise, it was a good project.

Camilla's I Have A Dream - Martin Luther King


1. What is the Message in MLK's speech.  Which slide of the many that you created was most important to you
The Message in MLK's speech was strongly telling us how in the past that all black people got discriminated. Even other religion, race, and other background people. And the faith that we will be free one day from racism. Also a dream of freedom that everyone should be treated equally. The slide I picked would be "And so even though we face the difficulties of to day and tomorrow, I still have a dream." This seem important to me because its like saying even though you faced hard challenges, you'll eventually succeed. To be honest all slide would be important.

2. What are the creative uses of fonts in your presentation?
The creative uses of fonts on my presentation was honestly making one word or more in each slide or an important word to stand out because one important word from a slide means its really important to understand whats happening in his speech. I also spaced some words, and added color so it could standout. Also make the fonts different and enlarge as well. 

3. How will you use fonts creatively in the future?
Of course I will use fonts creatively in the future because I find it more exciting to read and the appearance would look nice, but more importantly how the fonts are important. 

4. What was the most difficult part of this process of making a movie from PPT
The most difficult part was probably making my ppt into a movie because I was really confused at first but then I did some research so im familiar with it now. And also there were parts in the speech of the presentation hard for me to make the typography more understandable and creative.

4. Create a user guide for future students.  How did you end up converting a PPT of WMV?
Step 1. First of all when you finish your slide show, make sure you do finishing touches.
Step 2. Next you can go file save as and for the file type it should be "wmv". You can find it below your file name and it has a bottom arrow and you scroll down until you see it. Click it and it should have a window popup, so just click "yes".
Step 3. Wait until the movie is rendering
Step 4. That's all you do and go ahead and upload it anywhere you like, but make sure its saved.

5. How would you change this assignment next year.
I like to change this assignment by making my fonts not to colorful because it was bothering me a lot, so I wish to change a typography like that.


Joel Bautista's Martin Luther King Jr. I Have a Dream Speech

The message in Martin Luther King's speech was that he wanted the black people to be free, to be equal, for everyone to be equal. He's had enough of the unfair treatment that was committed. his speech explains how everyone should all be equal no matter what. He has a dream that all black boys and girls and all white boys and girls would play with each other in peace, without being judged. He's motivated many people to understand what racism is and how it's affecting his people. Slide five was the most important to me because it explains how a black man has suffered and possibly not have a future in life. The creative uses of fonts I used was size, color, contrast, spacing, and text. In the future I will be starting a future in business course so i will be using power point and fonts very often. this presentation gave me a feel of what it'll be like for me next year. The most difficult part for me was organizing my words and fonts for each of my 75 slides, it took a while to complete it. The fonts and color gave me somewhat of trouble because I wanted to make it look good. I personally would just get the speech and put it all into my slides, and organize them. That way it'll make your life easier. Also make sure you use your spacing wisely and also your fonts. First you'll have to record yourself clicking each slide as Martin speaks, once that is done you convert it into a wmv file in power point. Once that is completed all you have to do is upload it onto Youtube. I liked the topic that we had to do this year but the only thing I'd change is the program that we used and also how long the presentation has to be.

Alyssa's MLK Speech Presentation

MLK's speech wasn't just about racial segregation, it was about the good ol' country of USA as well. MLK talks about the different states and how THEY should change, as well as the people. My favorite slides to do  were, actually, the ones ABOUT the states, and letting freedom ring. He kept talking about how even through the mountains and valleys and hilltops that freedom should ring all throughout all of the states.
The creative uses of the fonts were the sizes, fonts, colour, contrast, and spacing.
In the future, I plan to do something along the lines of film or graphic design, so I plan to use design or font very often.
The most difficult part of this project was the fact that you had to lug in the words and separate the words and then the amount of work you had to do for each slide.
For this, you had to just pull in the words, and play around with it. It wasn't hard, but just tedious. And then you had to insert the speech itself, while recording or setting the slide transitions. Afterwards, you had to save as a movie, or so it was called on the Mac's, and upload it all onto Youtube.
The only thing I would change wouldn't be the project itself, but the program we used to do this. I'd much rather like an in-depth program.

I Have A Dream Speech by Martin Luther King Jr


1. The message in Martin Luther King's speech is about the equality of rights for both black and white men in America. Martin along with his people are appealing to the rest of America for freedom. He believes that this is the time for segregation, prejudice, racism, stereotypes and more to end. It is about his and his people's dream, the dream that will come true.
Honestly all slides were pretty important to me but the most important one was the slide where Martin said "I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of its creed: "We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal."

2. The creative uses of fonts in my presentation is that I was using fonts that goes with the words. Also I used the spacing of the words and the colour too to emphasize and make the word interesting. Overall I think I did all of the things I needed to do in my presentation.

3. I will use fonts creatively in the future if we ever had to do powerpoint presentations again and just like this one, I will do the same and use the tips but in a better way. I will do these in presentations to make it more interesting and not make anyone bored out of it. 

4. The most difficult part of this process of making a movie from PPT is making the slides. It was pretty hard since sometimes I would run out of ideas for how to make my slides look interesting. Also I had a really hard time trying to look for how to convert the powerpoint into a movie. Though overall it was pretty fun.

5. I ended up converting the PPT to a WMV by the help of the people around me. Well first I tried to search it in Google but I couldn't find it since my computer was a mac so it was different a bit. Then Mr. Harbeck helped me, so that is how I got over it. (The steps were *if I remember it correctly :P* go to file then there you will see save&send and in there you will see convert to a video)

6. I wouldn't really change this assignment because it was really fun and interesting to know about this speech.

Roselle's I have dream -Martin Luther King

The message in MLK's speech is that we are all free in this world and no one deserves to be treated poorly becuase we were all born equal... The most important slide to me was probably the 6th slide because the message was really nice and i like how i set up the fonts and layouts.

2. the creative uses of fonts was putting effects into them and where to place them and actually figuring out what font looks good with the others...

3.I think in the future I will always now know how to use nice fonts and make a good presentation because this assignment helped a lot with it and let me explored new things with it.

4.The most difficult was timing the audio in with the slides because it took me long to do that part but as soon as i was done the rest were easy

5.firstly you save your powerpoint into a Jpeg then there's going to be a window that pops up and click everyslide.. After open a windows movie maker and upload your audio and your pictures (powerpoint slides) the slides are all pictures now and this will allow you to put them in seperately. Then just time it and save... :)

6. I dont actually know what to change but it took a really long time to do, so maybe a shorter speech but overall it was nice to explore on learning how to create a good presentation..

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Emerald's I Have A Dream - Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. I believe that the message in MLK's speech is to acknowledge racial inequality, and to try and get people to change the way they act or think towards people of a different race. The slide that was most important to me was the slide about allowing freedom to ring, and with that it would speed up the day to when everyone of every race and religion are able to accept each other, holding hands singing that they're, "Free at last."
  2. The creative uses of fonts in my presentation was most of the time changing the color, font, or size to emphasize certain words or phrases that are important in the speech. I also played with the spacing a lot to add contrast and uniqueness to my presentation.
  3. I'll use fonts creatively in the future for school and work, to bring the audience's attention to the important points in my presentation. 
  4. The most difficult part of using powerpoint in this project was the fact that I had to send it to myself back and fourth from school and from home. The fonts I used at home would be different from what I used at school, and vice versa. I would have to change them again, which took up a lot of time as well. 
  5. I converted my powerpoint to a WMV using Windows Movie Maker, since I didn't have the 2010 version of Powerpoint and couldn't do it straight from the presentation. I had to save my slides as pictures and I had to insert all the pictures into Windows Movie Maker, as well as the audio. I adjusted the amount of time the slides would show so it would go with what he was saying in the speech. Then I just saved my movie, and uploaded it to Youtube. 
  6. I would change this assignment, and make it less time-consuming but other than that the whole thing was pretty straight-forward and I didn't really have problems knowing what I'm supposed to do.

Tran's "I Have A Dream" - Martin Luther King Jr speech

File:Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at the Civil Rights Marc.jpg


1. The message in MLK's speech was that there should be equality for all god's children. Religion, culture, or the color of your skin shouldn't be a factor on how you treat someone. The most important slide to me was when he starts saying " I have a dream" and states all these dreams of his. 

2. I used all 5 ways of using creative fonts whether that was spacing, to move the letters closer to each other or further apart. Color and size, to emphasize what was more important and to make it stand out. I also used different types of fonts and changed the fonts in certain words to make it also stand out. The last thing I also did was put some words in bold or all capital. 

3. I will probably use this in the future if I ever need to make a powerpoint for one of my classes. I will make it look very nice and interesting to keep my fellow classmates interested. 

4. There was nothing really difficult, just really time consuming and frustrating because I just want to get it done and over with but definitely putting the audio in was difficult especially when you're in 13 minutes and mess up and have to start ALL OVER again.. which I did about 10 times.  

5. What I did to convert a powerpoint into a video was first nag Harbeck which didn't work, then asked Allysa but she couldn't tell me so I used my bestfriend GOOGLE and found this website where it shows you step by step. Heres the link. It was very helpful. 

6. What I would change for this assignment next year is for this to be a partnered assignment where one partner does the first half of the speech and the other does the second half so its not so time consuming. Otherwise than that it was easy, just very frustrating. 

okay bye(: 

I Have A Dream: Martin Luther King

File:Martin Luther King, Jr..jpg,_Jr..jpg

1) The message in MLK's speech is to grant and accept racial equality. The slide that was most important to me is the part where he us talking about the faith and that with it, they could work together, knowing that they will be free one day.
2) The creative uses of font that I did in this presentation was choosing the right font to go with the whole thing and what he was saying. Another is when I made certain words bigger or smaller and added colour to them to emphasize the most important words. I also played with the spacing in some slides and combined colours, fonts and sizes to display contrast.
3) I will use this advantage and knowledge of using fonts creatively when I need to do a power point for either work or school, and be able to get a good response from the audience.
4) The most difficult part of this process was editing the fonts and the colours because it was pretty time consuming, to say the least.
5) I ended up converting this a different way than we were supposed to because I had to have the 2010 version but instead I have the 2007 one at home. What I did was, I saved the power point slides as images (jpeg) and put them into movie maker. I then added the audio and started to adjust the time of each picture so it was in sync with it. After I was done, I just published it after it finished converting.
6) I guess I wouldn't really change the assignment because it was pretty easy overall even if it's time consuming.

MLK Wrap up

Congratulations I think about completing your MLK Font exercise and making a movie of your PPT.

Now it is time to reflect.  Embed you MLK at a blog post and do the following:

  • Include a CC pic of MLK from Google to be the first part of your post.
  • Embed your YouTube video
  • Reflect on the following things...
  1. What is the Message in MLK's speech.  Which slide of the many that you created was most important to you?
  2. What are the creative uses of fonts in your presentation?
  3. How will you use fonts creatively in the future?
  4. What was the most difficult part of this process of making a movie from PPT
  5. Create a user guide for future students.  How did you end up converting a PPT of WMV?
  6. How would you change this assignment next year.
Scoring Rubric to follow.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Video Stabalization and Slowing down or speeding up video clips

Please watch the two videos below

Video Stabalization

Slowing down and Speeding up Video Clips

Your last assignment using iMovie will be to create a tour of the school.  Use the iPad to film yourself walking around the school stopping at various locations and showing school life.  It should not be too long but more than one minute.

Once the movie is taken download from the iPad onto one of the Macs.  Use the lessons above to first stabilize the clip and then to select clips to speed up and slow down.  If you feel adventurous you can add a Picture in Picture of yourself describing the movie to your audience.

This will be our last assignment before we start creating the Athletic and Grad Videos.

For information about splitting clips in iMovie check out this video.

You have one cycle to complete this assignment.  While others are working on it please continue to work on your MLK speech.


Friday, March 7, 2014

Bethel Jimenez's Playing with Imovie

Snap to beat:

Picture in Picture: