Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Camera Perry Robles

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kamilah Namit's The Camera

Bethel Jimenez's The Camera

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vina Dimayuga's First Stop Motion

 This was my first time making a stop motion video. Although it was a bit challenging, I still enjoyed this project. I feel I did a good job on ensuring the consistent placement of the cube. Two things I'd like to improve on for future projects are getting my projects in on time, and use better lighting.

Katie Khau's First Stop Motion

This was my ever first attempt at stop motion. As I took a picture of it I would have to literally open the box of Smarties bit by bit. The most tricky part though was making it fall over by itself, but I still had fun! What I think I did good was trying to make my video go smoothly as I opened the box. What I also think I did good on was meeting the basic criteria of a stop motion animation. What I could improve on next time is working on my lighting and trying to make the video go more smoothly.

Roselle Espino's first stop motion

My first stop motion. What i did is i got my deck of cards and then got a white paper for a nice clean background. I put 1 card on the white paper and a picture and then another one. I just kept repeating it and when I was done taking all the pictures, it looks like the cards are stacking across the paper. What I did good are how the cards move. What I want to improve is to not move the camera alot and have a tripod next tme.

Joel's First Stop Motion Animation

This is my first stop motion animation I've ever done, I was impressed with myself on how it turned out. I didnt know how it was going to look like in the end but it was better than I expected. First of all I had an idea of doing a mario stop motion because it looked cool to do and I was pretty interested in doing it. The whole process was pretty difficult because my camera kept on dying and everything was going out of place. I had a lamp, a bright light, and lego to surround my object. I got it done because I was determined to get it done. But all in all I had a good time making it.

Faith de Leon's First Stop Motion

This is my first stop motion animation. I used colored pencil crayons for this project and I made them move to meet in the middle and after they were put back in the box. I took about 40 photos in order to get the result I wanted. After I finished with my photos, I put them all together in Windows Movie Maker. I think I did good in moving the crayons enough so that it didn't skip when I put them all together. Another thing I did good in was I wasn't moving the camera too much so it all kind of fits together. For the next stop motion we are doing, I would make the lighting better and the same for all the photos so it's not different. I think I did okay for this first one and I would probably do better for the next one.

Hartogs First Stop Motion Animation

When we where making this stop motion video I found it pretty easy when i somewhat knew what I was doing. When I started to follow my story board, I found it was very easy to get the pictures i wanted but it was hard to for me keep the camera in the same position because several times when i was moving the blocks I would accidentally  hit the camera and i'd have to try to put it in the same position as it was in the beginning but sometimes in the video I wouldn't even notice that i hit the camera so it'd be off center.

Rain's First Stop Motion Animation

For my first stop motion animation I got a wooden model hand and made a paper butterfly fly into it using a piece of copper wire. After it closed and opened again, the butterfly had become little flowers, also just made of construction paper. I thought the idea was clever and I did a smooth job with the animation, but it was rather short and kind of dull. I'll do something a little more interesting and colourful next time.

Emerald Tria's First Stop Motion

This was my first attempt to make a stop motion animation. I took at least sixty pictures in total and I deleted the ones I didn't need. I then put the pictures together to make my stop motion. My stop motion is of my Wreck This Journal book and the activities that you do in it. I like my stop motion because it's creative, having to use my Wreck This Journal because the book itself encourages people to be creative. In my stop motion, I want to change the fact that you can't read the words on the pages. 

Kamilah's First Stop Motion Animation

This was my first attempt at making a stop motion. At first, I was having difficulties planning what I was going to do because there were so many possibilities but at the end I ended up doing something that is related to music. I took less than fifty photos. The most difficult thing about this project was making sure that the camera doesn't move. I had to it for a couple of times because the camera wasn't steady. What I would do differently next time is that keep the camera lock in place and work in a brighter room. One thing I did good is that my idea was clear on what I was trying to do. Another one is I was able to do it smoothly.

Jaedah's First Stop Motion Video

This was very hard to do for me because whenever I moved my wooden doll it would move to another direction. My first stop motion video didn't go as well because sometimes when I took the pictures it went out of focus, I would've re took my pictures but it would've took longer. Overall during the process of my video I started to like every part of it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jessica Da Silva's First Stop Motion

During my first stop motion, the first step I had to do was storyboard my information. After storyboarding, I took all the pictures needed and then put them together on IMovie. Two things that I think I did good on, on my first stop motion is that I was able to take all my picture without moving the camera. Another thing I think I did good on was planning out my stop motion so that it flows by smoothly. One thing I would change about my stop motion next time is to maybe make it more interesting and creative. Overall, I think I didn't do too bad for my first one.

Perry's first stop motion

This is my first stop motion. I took 54 pictures to make this clip. I just made a stop motion video saying "My Stop Motion". All i did was i wrote down peice by peice the words "My Stop Motion", and i coloured the background a few colors, and i crumpled the paper and showed it sliding out of the scene. I like my first stop motion because i found it plain but it looked really good at the end, what i would like to changed is my shadow in every one of the scene

Gem Magnaye's First Stop Motion

This is my first stop motion video. The main point of a stop motion is to take multiple pictures and put them together. The first thing I like about my stop motion is that I was able to move the objects quite straight. One thing I would change about my next stop motion video was to make sure that no space was shown that was not part of the stop motion and being able to capture the same lighting for every picture. I think I could put more effort into this, but it was a pretty good first try on my first stop motion.

Jessica T's First Stop Motion

During the process of making my first stop motion I had to plan out my storyboard, then grabbed the items that I needed in order to make it. After I took all of my photos I pieced them together on Windows Movie Maker. The plot of my movie was that Pikachu found a ball but couldn't fit into the crack in order to get it, he then shrinks himself so that he can fit in, get the ball and come back out so he can play with it! Two things I think I did well on was that I had a pretty good story line, it was interesting. Another thing was like the part where he change sizes. One thing I would change for next time is to keep the camera in one spot and not have my hair in the picture.

Camilla Lacson's First Stop Motion Animation

This was my first stop motion animation. How I made this is that I took 50 photos of the object moving one step by another. The plot line was suppose to be a game coming out to the real world and to bring along a friend to see what it looks like in the game. Lastly, I took all my photos and imported it all in Windows Live Movie Maker. I like this stop motion animation because I find it cool how the object comes out of the device and I also sort of like how it drags the other object (bear). What I would like to change is to focus the camera on the object because it was making some of the pictures blurry. 

Mariel Montales' First Stop Motion Animation

This was my first try at a stop motion animation. I placed the camera down on to the table and placed my clay family down. I took a give or take thirty-five pictures in total. This was supposed to depict a mother reading a book of some sort and the father looking at it too as it caught his eyes while passing by. The child at first was laying down staring into space when some magical toys had popped out of nowhere ready to be played with. First the plane, train and blocks, then what his heart most desired, the car. As he begins playing with the car the toys vanish just as fast as they had appeared. The conclusion of this six second video, that I had just stretched out into a million years, is that he loses his beloved car and is devastated as much as a small child would be (which in this case is very little). I do think this is beyond fabulous, but next time I will try to work with a better substance that doesn't fall down as much as this cheap clay did. Also I would try not to change the positions so drastically, but then again I did have a photo limit to this one.

Alyssa's First Stop Motion Animation

This was my first attempt at a stop motion animation, with the book Inkheart. I took a camera and just started placing my objects-a pile of books and the main character, Meggie-into the book. I then hacked them to tiny pieces, to create the growing and shrinking effect. Then I put it all together in the lovely, old Windows Movie Maker, which was absolutely fabulous. I'm pleased with it, as it came out as I wanted it to, but I can see the tape I used and that is not pretty. So, next time, I'd like to make it more professional

Bethel Jimenez's First Stop Motion Animation

My First Stop Motion Animation
This is my first stop motion animation. I did this by taking multiple photos, one shot at a time. When I finished taking my photos I added the pictures to Windows Movie Maker to adjust the seconds of every photo I took. What I like about my movie is that it is creative. I also liked the ending of my movie. What I would want to change are the lighting in every photo and to keep the photos steady.

Mae Concepcion's First Stop Motion

This is my first stop motion animation. One thing I think I did good on is meeting the basic criteria of a stop motion video. I think I did the placement of the picture/prop alright. I think I did okay on it, since I worked on it by myself. On my next stop motion video, if I do something similar to this I want to focus on moving the picture and prop evenly/straight. Another thing I want to work on is not moving the background of my video.