Sunday, September 29, 2013

October Photo a Day

Welcome to the Photo a Day Assignment.  While it is titled Photo a Day you are not required to have posted each photo each day (though that is fun!).  By November 1st you will be required to have a 31 image set at Flickr.

  • Create a set a Flickr      user name spmath password is the usual:)
  • Title your set *****'s October Photo a Day (**** is your name)
  • Upload all photos to your Flickr Set
  • tag your photos with the following tags, "October Photo a Day", your name, subject of photo (one word if possible)
This is a fun assignment.  Any device that captures images will do.  Ipod, digital camera, DSLR, phone, you name it you can use it as long as it is able to upload. Remember your rules of composition and try to vary them when capturing your image.

Good luck

Worth 40 Marks Due November 1st.
 Image is from Thanks in Advance.


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