Friday, December 20, 2013

Rain's (not late) Camera Project

Perry's Stop motion. Final and Rough draft

This is our rough draft for our stop motion. We came up with the ideas that just came into our heads and just used it. It was pretty difficult, and confusing, but we managed to finish it. We tried our best!

This is our final draft. In this draft we tried to fix our errors, but as you can see we sped up some of the frames so it looked better. And we put this time we remember to put the credits in.

Perry Robles "a Day in my Life"

My life isn't so fun. :P

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mariel Montales' Stop Motion Animation: Winter Wonderland

This is the final draft of the animation Bethel and I made. I think this was sort of a bittersweet project to do, because out subjects were hard  to keep in place. Luckily for us the lighting stayed consistent this time. That's because we shot the final draft in a different place than when we shot our rough draft. In our final draft we fixed the point of focus throughout the animation. We also added another random scene to the random moments, which made the movie a few seconds longer, even though we shot the movie in less time. I had a really good time doing this project, and it was even better with Bethel by my side. I hope you like the video as much as I do! :)

Rough Draft:

Jessica Da Silva's A Day in my Life Photo Essay

My Photo Essay on Flickr

Mariel Montales' Photo Essay: "A Day in My Life"

Vina Dimayuga's: The Camera

Alyssa Nicolas' The Camera

Rain Cahigas's A Day in my

Jaedah Coronia -Uzon's A Day In My Life Photo Essay

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Jessica Hartog: A Day In My Life

Camilla Lacson's A Day in My Life

This is my a day in my life assignment. The pictures will show you how I spend my day. Hope you enjoy it!

Joel Bautista"s A Day In My Life Photo Essay

Faith de Leon's A Day In My Life Project

Emerald Tria: The Camera

Mae Concepcion's "A Day In My Life" Project, oh yeeeeeah!

Here is my boring life. Enjoy. :)

Gem Magnaye's Photo Essay: A Day in My Life

This is a day in my life. The first presentation is my Flickr photos, under all of that is my actual Google presentation. As you can see my life is pretty boring.. but I really hope you enjoy it. :)

Faith de Leon: The Camera

Vina Dimayuga's Photo Essay "A Day in my Life

Jessica Da Silva's The Camera Project

Jessica Hartog: The Camera

Gem Magnaye's The Camera

This is a little presentation I made that explains the settings on the camera. There are also some pictures included to show the outcome of each setting, enjoy. :)

Jessica Tran's: The Camera


Mae Concepcion's "The Camera" ☺

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Kamilah Namit's Photo Essay "A Day In My Life"

Emerald Tria's Photo Essay "A Day In My Life"

Monday, December 16, 2013

Jessica Tran's Photo Essay "A Day in My Life"

My Google Presentation
Perhaps this will work

My slideshow on Flickr

 More attempts at getting the code Waiting for practice to start

Bethel Jimenez's Photo Essay "A Day in my Life"

A Day in my Life:
This was a very fun project and I enjoyed it. Taking pictures of what I do in my life even though I really don't do anything. (:

Camilla's Stop Motion Animation: A Day at The Mall

This is mine and katie's final stop motion animation. We didn't made any changes because we thought that the stop motion was pretty good to our point of view because it didn't seem like there needed to be any changes.  I like this stop motion because it felt very creative and it was enjoyable doing this project. I also like how the camera was steady. Next time, I wish we could post more photos if we can. This stop motion turned out pretty well.

Emerald's Stop Motion Animation: How to Be an Explorer of the World

This is mine and Faith's final stop motion animation. We basically just fixed the amount of time on some of the pages so you're able to read them, and know what we were doing. Other than that, we didn't do much to change our stop motion. I really like how it turned out, because we didn't spend that much time planning it, but it still turned out better than we hoped. We didn't have that much trouble putting this together because we just used very simple household items. We called it 'How To Be An Explorer of the World', because it's the name of the book we used. It basically consists of us doing activities from the book, including having to take a walk and finding things, or collecting small household items.

Faith's Stop Motion Animation: How to Be an Explorer of the World

This is Emerald and mine's final stop motion animation. We just fixed the amount of time on some of the pages that you had to read, so you would know what we were doing. Other than that, we didn't do too much to change our stop motion. I really like how it turned out, since we weren't actually sure if it was going to go as we wanted it to but I'm really happy about it now. We didn't have that much trouble putting this together because we just used things that we could find in my house. We called it 'How To Be An Explorer of the World', because it's the name of the book we used. It basically consists of us doing activities from the book, including having to take a walk and finding things, or collecting ignored household items. 

Jessica and Jaedah's Final Stop Motion: Edwin & The Snowman

This is Jaedah and I's Final stop motion, this project has been super difficult to do because Jaedah lives far away and I have a very busy schedule, so what ended up happening is that I was on facetime with her when she made the video. It was impossible to get together so I tried to help out as much as I would like telling her stuff that i saw from my point of view. It did suck that we couldnt actually get together and do it but we did the best we could with what we got and got it finished.

Kamilah and Vina's Final Stop Motion: The Sleep Over

Final Draft:

This is our final stop motion video. We took more photos this time and made sure that the title won't take up half of the video. Making this video is a lot more easier that the first one. As you can see, the rough draft is a bit different than the final one that's because we did it at different locations. They aren't very similar from each other but the same idea. We also added scenes to the storyboard because the first one was a bit short.

Rough Draft:

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Jaedah's Final Stop Motion: Edwin & The Snowman

This is mine & Jessica H's final stop motion video! As you can see I changed my storyboard, which is what I wrote in my rough draft. Anyways This was a very hard, stressful and a handful to do this while face timing with Jessica H. I hope I made improvements because it took me 6 hours to make. It was very stressful because Edwin (my wooden model) kept falling into place and I tried my best to make it into the same pose as it was. As I said we face time and I asked her what we were going to do. Anyways I hope you enjoy it because I think I did very well on this. I put all the effort I could make my final stop motion video the best! Lastly, it was really tiring because doing all of this without Jessica was hard. With our schedules and how far I live was really hard. Thankfully we did it! I hope you think our video was impressive or good! C:

                                                                Final Stop Motion:


                                                         Rough Draft Stop Motion:


Jaedah's Stop Motion: A Snowy Day for Friends Rough Draft

This was really difficult for me because my computer wasn't working so I had to wait until it got fixed. I really had a hard time and you can see that my camera was all over the place, which is what I hadn't noticed. My hands kept hitting the camera, also it took me a very long time because my partner and I were face timing. Anyways I hope you enjoy my rough draft.
P.S. I might restart because I didn't really like my storyboard.

Joel Bautista's "The Camera" Presentation

Rain's Final Stop Motion: Little Butterfly Boy

And here is my final stop motion video! I was hoping to make it a lot longer than the first but that didn't happen. The camera did stay still, though, and things went a lot more smoother and consistent. I found this version to look a lot more interesting and clean. I'm very satisfied with it. The music is Prelude No. 21 by Chris Zabsriskie.

Mae and Gem's Final Stop Motion: Pacman

First Draft

Final Draft

Gem and Mae's Final Stop Motion: Pacman

Rough Draft:

Final Draft:

This is Mae and I's rough and final draft of our stop motion. One thing that we noticed was that the picture we took somewhat got cut off in the software we were using which was Windows Live Movie Maker. So we weren't able to fix that problem in our Final Draft. We also didn't know how to add music in our movie but we finally remembered how and added a type of music that seemed to fit in with our stop motion. One thing that I would like to change if we got the chance to is to be able to show the full picture and also making sure that our lighting was constant in every picture we took. We also realized that once the pacman eats the big yellow thing (pellet) all the ghost would turn blue but as you can see we weren't able to change that in our final draft. Other than that, I think Mae and I did a good job knowing that we took a good 5-6 hours planning and actually creating our stop motion. We hope you enjoy :)

Bethel Jimenez's Stop Motion Animation: Winter Wonderland

Reflection: This is the final draft for Mariel and I's stop motion animation. This had been really difficult for us to do. We had to make the camera stay in one place and make the lighting consistent. What we improved on is that this time our pictures are more in focus than the last time. We also took more pictures and made this video a tad bit longer. But as you can see the lighting on the final draft is different because we had a different place to shoot it on. Also we did this a bit faster than last time. Overall I had fun with this project. Enjoy watching!

Final Draft:

Rough Draft:

Jessica's Stop Motion: The Magic Hands

First Draft


Final Draft


Saturday, December 14, 2013

Alyssa's Stop Motion: Life of Paul Final Draft

Final Draft

First Draft

Alyssa's Day in My Life

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Mariel Montales' Stop Motion Animation: Winter Wonderland

This is the rough draft of our movie! We have decided to call it Winter Wonderland. This movie is about random things happening in Winter Wonderland like snowball fight and snowboarding. It was really hard to set the background up and also how to make all the characters stand up. We also made some errors like the camera not being still. We'd try to improve this so we can make it better. Enjoy watching! (:

Monday, December 9, 2013

Kamilah and Vina`s Stop Motion: The Sleep Over

This is mine and Kamilah`s first draft on our stop motion. At first it was very stressful because we had a hard time planing what we`re going to be doing. In the end we chose to have stuffed toys as our subject and it was a difficult to make them stand up while we were taking the pictures. It took us a while doing this because even though we had the pictures, we had a hard time making the video because of the software we were using.

Joel Bautista's stop motion: The Brainstormers

  First off I know my stop motion is not the best but I tried. It was pretty hard, confusing, and stressful to complete since i didn't get much help at all. I got it done on time and editing it was not really a bad time. I had fun on some parts of the stop motion, but I'm still pleased of what I accomplished. The idea and concept of the video came from my head and I thought why not. So I basically added some of the ideas down from my head into              the stop motion.  This is the final draft of my stop motion. In the end it looked better and I was more satisfied in my work, i had to speed up some of my frames and redo the music playing. Oh and I added the credits and such in the end because last time I forgot to.

Camilla Lacson's The Camera

Camilla's Stop Motion Animation: A Day at The Mall

Katie and I created are first rough draft of our Stop Motion. The stop motion is just showing a typical day at the mall, so katie created the title "A Day at The Mall". Although I thought some of the camera movements weren't steady and still, but it turn our pretty well. I like the plot line of this stop motion, so I hope you enjoy watching it.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Mae and Gem's Stop Motion: Pacman

This is Gem and I's second stop motion. As you can see, we used pacman as our subject for our stop motion. We created everything by hand.We had some troubles positioning the camera in a spot where we would be satisfied. I think we did a really good job compared to how we first started. It's just about the basic pacman game and pacman running away and chasing the ghosts. Enjoy! :)

Katie's Stop Motion Animation: A Day at The Mall

This is mine and Camilla's first rough draft. This stop motion is just an average day at the mall, which I got the idea of making the title "A Day at The Mall". We did make some errors though with the smoothness of our stop motion. I do feel like we should recreate the intro and conclusion but other wise I think it turned out pretty good for a rough draft.

Bethel Jimenez's Stop Motion Animation: Winter Wonderland

This is the rough draft of Mari and I movie! We have decided to call it Winter Wonderland. This movie is about random things happening in Winter Wonderland like snowball fight and snowboarding. It was really hard to set the background up and also how to make all the characters stand up. We also made some errors like the camera not being still. We'd try to improve this so we can make it better. Enjoy watching! (:

Faith and Emerald's Stop Motion

This is mine and Faith's first stop motion draft. We called it 'How To Be An Explorer of the World', because it's the name of the book we used. It basically consists of us doing activities from the book, including having to take a walk and finding things, or collecting ignored household items. We've made some errors, like at some parts it's too fast whereas you'd have to pause to read the words written in the book to know what we're doing. Our stop motion can surely be made better, but here's what we have.

The Jessica's Stop Motion: The Magic Hands


 This is our second stop motion that we did! We took over 400 photos and tried to tell a story about a girl being hungry but looked in the cupboards and found nothing to eat. She then draws out food she wanted to eat and magically turned it from a picture to the REAL thing! She tries it 3 times with 3 different treats she wanted and at the end she was happy and satisfied!(: One thing I think we could have done better was had consist lighting? but we don't really know how it ended up like that..

Roselle's Stopmotion "eyes"

My first draft on my stop motion. I had trouble making the images exactly similar in width and zoom and it was hard to keep the camera still that's why some are blurry. It also looks like its skipping and too zoomed. I would like to make it better by keeping the camera more steady and making the images exact.

Rain's Stop Motion Animation

This is the first draft of my stop motion animation called Little Butterfly Boy. I had a lot of difficulties with trying to get my camera to stay still, and everything looks way too shaky and inconsistent. It shows a young boy who towards the end disappears into what I tried to make look like a bunch of little butterflies. I've made and noticed a lot of errors and I'd do it all over again to improve it; I'd make it longer, add a few things, and make it much neater and steadier.

Gem and Mae's Stop Motion: Pacman

This is Mae and I's stop motion video. We chose to do pacman as our subject. Although we had some difficulties trying to keep the camera steady, I think we did a pretty good job. It took us 6 hours to do but it was all worth it. Hope you enjoy!

Alyssa's Stop Motion Movie: The Life of Paul

This movie follows a segment of a man named Paul's life. Paul lives a sad life. He wakes up and goes to a boring office job, where he's constantly harassed by a co-worker, despite his repeated rejections. As you can see, Paul isn't very happy. He tries to make himself content but he never seems to achieve that goal. Until one day.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

GCT Stopmotion Project 2013

Stop motion Stop Motion Assignment

Create a Stop Motion of any subject and post it to our Youtube Channel.

The first draft should be there by Monday December 9.

Your movie must include a title slide with your names and the title of the movie.

You need a final slide with your citations for the music you have used.

Good movies will change songs to convey the emotion you are trying to elicit.

Final Draft after edits are made needs to be completed by December 13th.

Project is worth 50 Marks

Completed on time (5 Marks)
Creative Title and song citation (5 Marks)
Quality of Images (15 Marks)
Images tell a story (10 Marks)
Quality of Video (10 Marks)
Reflection (5 Marks)

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

The Camera Presentation by Jaedah Coronia - Uzon

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Camera Perry Robles

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kamilah Namit's The Camera

Bethel Jimenez's The Camera

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Vina Dimayuga's First Stop Motion

 This was my first time making a stop motion video. Although it was a bit challenging, I still enjoyed this project. I feel I did a good job on ensuring the consistent placement of the cube. Two things I'd like to improve on for future projects are getting my projects in on time, and use better lighting.

Katie Khau's First Stop Motion

This was my ever first attempt at stop motion. As I took a picture of it I would have to literally open the box of Smarties bit by bit. The most tricky part though was making it fall over by itself, but I still had fun! What I think I did good was trying to make my video go smoothly as I opened the box. What I also think I did good on was meeting the basic criteria of a stop motion animation. What I could improve on next time is working on my lighting and trying to make the video go more smoothly.

Roselle Espino's first stop motion

My first stop motion. What i did is i got my deck of cards and then got a white paper for a nice clean background. I put 1 card on the white paper and a picture and then another one. I just kept repeating it and when I was done taking all the pictures, it looks like the cards are stacking across the paper. What I did good are how the cards move. What I want to improve is to not move the camera alot and have a tripod next tme.

Joel's First Stop Motion Animation

This is my first stop motion animation I've ever done, I was impressed with myself on how it turned out. I didnt know how it was going to look like in the end but it was better than I expected. First of all I had an idea of doing a mario stop motion because it looked cool to do and I was pretty interested in doing it. The whole process was pretty difficult because my camera kept on dying and everything was going out of place. I had a lamp, a bright light, and lego to surround my object. I got it done because I was determined to get it done. But all in all I had a good time making it.

Faith de Leon's First Stop Motion

This is my first stop motion animation. I used colored pencil crayons for this project and I made them move to meet in the middle and after they were put back in the box. I took about 40 photos in order to get the result I wanted. After I finished with my photos, I put them all together in Windows Movie Maker. I think I did good in moving the crayons enough so that it didn't skip when I put them all together. Another thing I did good in was I wasn't moving the camera too much so it all kind of fits together. For the next stop motion we are doing, I would make the lighting better and the same for all the photos so it's not different. I think I did okay for this first one and I would probably do better for the next one.

Hartogs First Stop Motion Animation

When we where making this stop motion video I found it pretty easy when i somewhat knew what I was doing. When I started to follow my story board, I found it was very easy to get the pictures i wanted but it was hard to for me keep the camera in the same position because several times when i was moving the blocks I would accidentally  hit the camera and i'd have to try to put it in the same position as it was in the beginning but sometimes in the video I wouldn't even notice that i hit the camera so it'd be off center.

Rain's First Stop Motion Animation

For my first stop motion animation I got a wooden model hand and made a paper butterfly fly into it using a piece of copper wire. After it closed and opened again, the butterfly had become little flowers, also just made of construction paper. I thought the idea was clever and I did a smooth job with the animation, but it was rather short and kind of dull. I'll do something a little more interesting and colourful next time.

Emerald Tria's First Stop Motion

This was my first attempt to make a stop motion animation. I took at least sixty pictures in total and I deleted the ones I didn't need. I then put the pictures together to make my stop motion. My stop motion is of my Wreck This Journal book and the activities that you do in it. I like my stop motion because it's creative, having to use my Wreck This Journal because the book itself encourages people to be creative. In my stop motion, I want to change the fact that you can't read the words on the pages. 

Kamilah's First Stop Motion Animation

This was my first attempt at making a stop motion. At first, I was having difficulties planning what I was going to do because there were so many possibilities but at the end I ended up doing something that is related to music. I took less than fifty photos. The most difficult thing about this project was making sure that the camera doesn't move. I had to it for a couple of times because the camera wasn't steady. What I would do differently next time is that keep the camera lock in place and work in a brighter room. One thing I did good is that my idea was clear on what I was trying to do. Another one is I was able to do it smoothly.

Jaedah's First Stop Motion Video

This was very hard to do for me because whenever I moved my wooden doll it would move to another direction. My first stop motion video didn't go as well because sometimes when I took the pictures it went out of focus, I would've re took my pictures but it would've took longer. Overall during the process of my video I started to like every part of it.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Jessica Da Silva's First Stop Motion

During my first stop motion, the first step I had to do was storyboard my information. After storyboarding, I took all the pictures needed and then put them together on IMovie. Two things that I think I did good on, on my first stop motion is that I was able to take all my picture without moving the camera. Another thing I think I did good on was planning out my stop motion so that it flows by smoothly. One thing I would change about my stop motion next time is to maybe make it more interesting and creative. Overall, I think I didn't do too bad for my first one.

Perry's first stop motion

This is my first stop motion. I took 54 pictures to make this clip. I just made a stop motion video saying "My Stop Motion". All i did was i wrote down peice by peice the words "My Stop Motion", and i coloured the background a few colors, and i crumpled the paper and showed it sliding out of the scene. I like my first stop motion because i found it plain but it looked really good at the end, what i would like to changed is my shadow in every one of the scene

Gem Magnaye's First Stop Motion

This is my first stop motion video. The main point of a stop motion is to take multiple pictures and put them together. The first thing I like about my stop motion is that I was able to move the objects quite straight. One thing I would change about my next stop motion video was to make sure that no space was shown that was not part of the stop motion and being able to capture the same lighting for every picture. I think I could put more effort into this, but it was a pretty good first try on my first stop motion.

Jessica T's First Stop Motion

During the process of making my first stop motion I had to plan out my storyboard, then grabbed the items that I needed in order to make it. After I took all of my photos I pieced them together on Windows Movie Maker. The plot of my movie was that Pikachu found a ball but couldn't fit into the crack in order to get it, he then shrinks himself so that he can fit in, get the ball and come back out so he can play with it! Two things I think I did well on was that I had a pretty good story line, it was interesting. Another thing was like the part where he change sizes. One thing I would change for next time is to keep the camera in one spot and not have my hair in the picture.

Camilla Lacson's First Stop Motion Animation

This was my first stop motion animation. How I made this is that I took 50 photos of the object moving one step by another. The plot line was suppose to be a game coming out to the real world and to bring along a friend to see what it looks like in the game. Lastly, I took all my photos and imported it all in Windows Live Movie Maker. I like this stop motion animation because I find it cool how the object comes out of the device and I also sort of like how it drags the other object (bear). What I would like to change is to focus the camera on the object because it was making some of the pictures blurry. 

Mariel Montales' First Stop Motion Animation

This was my first try at a stop motion animation. I placed the camera down on to the table and placed my clay family down. I took a give or take thirty-five pictures in total. This was supposed to depict a mother reading a book of some sort and the father looking at it too as it caught his eyes while passing by. The child at first was laying down staring into space when some magical toys had popped out of nowhere ready to be played with. First the plane, train and blocks, then what his heart most desired, the car. As he begins playing with the car the toys vanish just as fast as they had appeared. The conclusion of this six second video, that I had just stretched out into a million years, is that he loses his beloved car and is devastated as much as a small child would be (which in this case is very little). I do think this is beyond fabulous, but next time I will try to work with a better substance that doesn't fall down as much as this cheap clay did. Also I would try not to change the positions so drastically, but then again I did have a photo limit to this one.

Alyssa's First Stop Motion Animation

This was my first attempt at a stop motion animation, with the book Inkheart. I took a camera and just started placing my objects-a pile of books and the main character, Meggie-into the book. I then hacked them to tiny pieces, to create the growing and shrinking effect. Then I put it all together in the lovely, old Windows Movie Maker, which was absolutely fabulous. I'm pleased with it, as it came out as I wanted it to, but I can see the tape I used and that is not pretty. So, next time, I'd like to make it more professional

Bethel Jimenez's First Stop Motion Animation

My First Stop Motion Animation
This is my first stop motion animation. I did this by taking multiple photos, one shot at a time. When I finished taking my photos I added the pictures to Windows Movie Maker to adjust the seconds of every photo I took. What I like about my movie is that it is creative. I also liked the ending of my movie. What I would want to change are the lighting in every photo and to keep the photos steady.

Mae Concepcion's First Stop Motion

This is my first stop motion animation. One thing I think I did good on is meeting the basic criteria of a stop motion video. I think I did the placement of the picture/prop alright. I think I did okay on it, since I worked on it by myself. On my next stop motion video, if I do something similar to this I want to focus on moving the picture and prop evenly/straight. Another thing I want to work on is not moving the background of my video.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Camilla Lacson GCT: Skatepark

Friday, October 18, 2013

Remembrance Day Videos

Here are some videos I would like you to watch. You do not need to watch them in their entirety but please watch all of them. Highway of Heros Peacekeeping Thanks for watching

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Roselle Espino GCT: Skatepark

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Jessica Hartog's Skatepark Presentation.

Katie Khau's Skate Park Presentation

Katie Khau's Shots and Angles Presentation

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Faith de Leon's Skate Park Presentation

Rain Cahigas's Skate Park Presentation

I struggled with getting it to upload but it finally worked!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Mae Concepcion's Skatepark Presentation

Bethel Jimenez's Skate Park Presentation

Emerald Tria's Skate Park Presentation

Kamilah Namit's Skatepark Presentation

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Jessica Da Silva's Skatepark Powerpoint

Vina Dimayuga's Skate Park Presentation

Mariel Montales' Skatepark Powerpoint

GCT Shots and Angles

Skate Park Assignment

Gem Magnaye's Skate Park Presentation

Mariel Montales' Shots and Angles Powerpoint

Skatepark Field Trip Looking For Lines

Jessica Tran's Skate Park Presentation

Joel Bautista's Shots and Angles Presentation

Jaedah Coronia - Uzon's Skate Park Presentation

Jaedah Coronia- Uzon's Shots & Angles Presentation

Alyssa Nicolas' Skate Park Presentation

Gem Magnaye's Shots and Angles PowerPoint

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Vina Dimayuga's Shot and Angles PowerPoint

Jessica Hartog's Shots and Angles Presentation

Faith de Leon's Shots and Angles Presentation

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Kamilah Namit's Shot and Angles PowerPoint

Emerald Tria's Shots and Angles Presentation

Rain's Shots and Angles Assignment

Bethel Jimenez's Shots and Angles PowerPoint

Alyssa Nicolas' Shots and Angles Presentation

Jessica Tran's Shot and Angles PowerPoint

Camilla Lacson's Shots and Angles PowerPoint

Jessica Da Silva's Shots and Angles PowerPoint

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Mae Concepcion's Shots and Angles PowerPoint


Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Day in My Life Photo Essay


A Day in My Life Photo Essay
What Makes Me..... ME (Somewhere in this Photo Essay we should know what is important in your life)

1 Create an Set called Photo essay at account with your initials in the name    10

2 Take at least 30 new photos. The 30 photos tell a story about a day in your life and post all 30 on your Flickr Set in the Photo essay . 30

3. Title each photo and add tags, photo essay, first name 15

4. Choose your best 10 and edit them. To edit them at Flickr please use the more tab at the bottom of the screen. At the drop down menu choose Aviary.  You now have the ability to edit your photos. These photos should show proof of editing (post the original and then the edited version, so a total of 40 will be the minimum. The Edited photos should have a different name and the tag edited 20

5. Create a Google Presentation with your best 10 pictures.  Use a slide that has a title and make sure that your photo fills the bottom of the slide.    20

6.Complete assignment by December 19th    15
Total    100

Modified from ….
Original Lesson virginia killmore

Skatepark Assignment Looking for Lines

Through a hole

Welcome to your second assignment.  I would like you to have fun during a simple field trip to the Skatepark.

Create a Google Presentation
Title the Presentation Skatepark Field Trip Looking for Lines
Choose to keep only 10 photos from the Field Trip
Add these photos to your Google Presentation.
For each photo you keep explain the composition and the line you were trying to capture.
Remember the Composition is what you intended to do in the photo.
Embed your Google Presentation at the Blog

Edit at least 2 photos in Avery at Flickr
One should be black and white and the other you choose the edit.

Due Monday October 7

October Photo a Day

Welcome to the Photo a Day Assignment.  While it is titled Photo a Day you are not required to have posted each photo each day (though that is fun!).  By November 1st you will be required to have a 31 image set at Flickr.

  • Create a set a Flickr      user name spmath password is the usual:)
  • Title your set *****'s October Photo a Day (**** is your name)
  • Upload all photos to your Flickr Set
  • tag your photos with the following tags, "October Photo a Day", your name, subject of photo (one word if possible)
This is a fun assignment.  Any device that captures images will do.  Ipod, digital camera, DSLR, phone, you name it you can use it as long as it is able to upload. Remember your rules of composition and try to vary them when capturing your image.

Good luck

Worth 40 Marks Due November 1st.
 Image is from Thanks in Advance.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Shots and Angles Assignments

The Lion Gate of Vancouver   cc image from Flickr The Lion Gate of Vancouver by Trey Ratcliff 


  • Working with a partner search the internet and read up on the different shots and angles.
  • For each term draw a thumbnail image as well as a definition that you will be able to use as a reference throughout the year Each student will complete this in their photography notebook
  • Include a list of where you found information
** Students must show me complete notes before moving on to part two

  • Take photos that represent each of the shots, angles and miscellaneous
terms You will be sharing a camera but each student will be expected to take their own photos
  • Create a folder in your u:drive and call it shots & angles
  • Resize your photos so that they are no bigger than 600  and save them in your new folder
  • Using the photos you took create a PowerPoint presentation each slide should have an image and definition
  • You should have a title slide that includes your name, course title & code, teacher’s name as well as assignment name.
  • Last slide should reference where you found your original information

Camera Shots        Camera Angles    Composition        Rule of Thirds
Extreme Long Shot    Long Shot        Medium Shot        Chest Shot
Extreme Close Up    Over the Shoulder     Shot  Two- Shot    Point of View
Eye level        High Angle Level    Oblique Shot

Assessment may change but you will be notified

  • Folder setup… 2 marks
  • Saving procedures … 3 marks
  • Notes/Storyboard … 5 marks
  • Power Point presentation … 32 marks

    Be sure to embed your Presentation at the blog.