Friday, January 31, 2014

Yearbook: When I Grow Up

Monday, January 27, 2014

Rules about Photography

Here is a cool Tapestry that talks about taking photos with camera phones.


Thursday, January 23, 2014

Hartog's Photoshop Elements

This assignment was pretty time consuming for me because some of my pictures said they where not compatible with adobe.  I liked doing this assignment because it was pretty enjoyable playing with Photoshop Elements. It was very hard to do because I couldn't decide which photos to edit. 

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Katie's Photoshop Elements Assignment

Reflection: It was a pretty fun assignment but a little bit stressing since mostly because I had a late start and mostly how I could only work on this on school and how slow the computers were. So it may not be my best work but that doesn't mean I wasn't fascinated. It interested me how much photo shop could change the photo and the atmosphere of it.

I re-edited the photo " A Sunset Dream" since the first edit was made to blurry and too dark. I changed the colors but still made it Orton mode. I'm thinking of changing the title to "Sunset Painting".

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Becoming Critical

Being a critic

I love that many of you are leaving comments behind on everyone's blog.  You are gracious and generous of leaving so many positive items of feedback.
Today you are going to be a critic.  This means that your opinions are not necessarily the same as the artist who has taken the picture. 
PART 1 As a Critic you will...
What is important is that you also ask questions about why the artist chose to use the edits that they did?

What did you like about the original photo?  In your opinion did the edits enhance the edited photo and make it better or different?
I do not expect you to do this for every photo.  Choose one or two photos per assignment, be critical but not rude.  Ask questions about the edits that were made and add your opinion about what you would have done.  This might give the artist added inspiration to change what has been presented.

You should also mention by name the photo you enjoyed the most in your critique.  Every set has a fantastic photo that stands out more than the others.

PART 2 As an artist...
As an artist appreciate that people are looking at your work.  Listen to the feedback and respond in a positive and gracious way. 
State your point and explain why you chose to edit the photo the way you did.  Would the comments of your peers make your photo better? 

I am looking for a conversation at the blog.  Communicate to each other through comments.

As a teacher I am looking forward to the conversations at the blog tomorrow.

Camilla's Photoshop Elements Assignment

This assignment was really enjoyable! I learnt many techniques using Photoshop.I had some trouble using Photoshop for the first time because I wasn't use to using adobe Photoshop but watching the videos helped me learn a lot! It was really fun editing photos because I love editing. Some of my photos turned out great, but some sadly didn't but I hope next time I could do it properly since I learned how to use photoshop!

Jaedah Coronia - Uzon's Photoshop Elements Assignment

This assignment was pretty tough because I've never edited so much photos. It was very tough because I couldn't decide which photos. I enjoyed doing this assignment because it was fun playing around and learn new things from the Photoshop elements. To be honest I never knew what to do at first while doing this assignment because there were so much tools to chose from, but I got the hang of it after editing 4 photos. Overall, I liked this assignment.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Mariel Montales' Photoshop Elements Assignment

I really enjoyed this assignment. I think the "challenge" level was just right. If I tried hard enough to make the photo happen, it did. I know 70% of my photos are of flowers or plants, but what can I say, I love flowers! I also love the way my photos turned out. I'm glad I was able to use Photoshop Elements because it was a great experience. I learned a lot from this assignment and I look forward to doing more. It was definitely worth the classes we spent on it.

Kamilah`s Photoshop Elements Assignment

Doing this project was really exciting, fun and a  new learning experience to me. To be honest I`m not a fan of any photo editing software because I always get so confused because there were so many tools you could use. But after watching the videos I started learning a lot and was able to make the edits I wanted to. I guess at times it could get frustrating because whenever I did something wrong I don`t know how to put it back so I had to start from scratch. Overall, it was a great learning experience and I enjoyed doing random edits.

Vina's Photoshop Elements Assignment

This Photoshop assignment was very fun, but tough. Although it was tough choosing what to use when editing, I enjoyed playing around with pictures, and learning what kinds of things can help make a photo became much better. I think I did a good job for my first time using Adobe Photoshop Elements 10. 

Da Silva's Photoshop Element Assignment

During this assignment, I got to learn a whole lot using Photoshop Elements 10. This was my first time using it, but I guess you can say, I did alright. I didn't know how to use most effects or tools at the beginning but I learned and got the hang out it in the end. Overall, I enjoyed doing this assignment and using Photoshop for the first time.

Perry's Photoshop Elements Assignment

This assignment was pretty tough! I have never photo shopped so many pictures before. It was very hard for me because I had to download the free trial and wait an hour for it to download and it's really different from the one we use from school. This project takes lots of practice so i'm hoping we do another project like it so i can do better, but I had fun doing this because i learned so many things using this Photo Shop.

Emerald's Photoshop Elements Assignment

Doing this assignment, was in fact, really fun, but the more I worked with it, the more frustrated I got. Mostly because the program couldn't keep up with what I was doing. Working on it had been a real struggle, but am glad to say that I'm really happy with my end products. I am still learning to use photoshop, but am really excited to see what else I could do with this program.

Rain's Photoshop Elements Assignment

I admit, I had no idea what I was doing half the time but I enjoyed playing around with photoshop elements. I think I made a lot of good edits but also a lot of lazy ones. I had a lot of trouble with certain things but now I'm getting the hang of it and I think I'll keep on playing around with this program on my own free time. (or at least until my free trial for elements 12 expires hahaha.)

Jessica T's Photo Elements Assignment


I think this assignment was frustrating at some parts but it turned out pretty well. It was neat to see how much you can change a photo and make it look completely different from the original or you could make it look even better than before. You could do many things to fix your photo to make it look better, I guess thats why so many people use Photoshop! Ive learned a lot from photoshop and know more than I did before. Although it was fun, I hope we don't have to use photoshop again(((:

Mae Concepcion's Photoshop Element's Presentation. ☺

This assignment got me a little bit stressed out but it was still fun because I never used any type of photoshop before so I enjoyed it. I liked to compare the original photo and the edited ones because it can show you what photoshop can really do to your photos! I learned a lot and hopefully we start using this more. :)

Gem's Photoshop Elements

This project was pretty fun. I enjoy playing with photo shop and finding out new tricks and ideas on how to edit photos. It was neat looking at the difference once you edit your photo. I hope we do this again.

Faith's Photoshop Elements Assignment

This assignment was fun but I did get frustrated at times when it didn't do what I wanted it to. But I really like how the pictures turned out and I have more knowledge regarding Photoshop. It kind of took me a while for some photos but at the end I did finish just in time. I'm looking forward to using this in class more often.

Bethel's Photoshop Elements Assignment

This assignment was pretty fun. I haven't done this before so it was new to me but I enjoyed it. Also I learned a lot from Photoshop and I am more used to it now but am still learning. I really liked editing my photos and doing whatever I want with it and I hope we can do this again so I could be better at editing photos.

Photoshop Elements

This assignment was okay and fun for me because I love editing photos and all of that. It was nice to learn how to do photoshop because it's something i never have done before but I really do love free editing just doing my own stuff.

JoelBautista's Photoshop Elements Assignment

The photo shop elements assignment was bitter sweet for me, I had some difficulties on how to use this program but in the end it got easier and better. Now I am more familiar with this program than I was before, It was pretty cool with what you could do in this program and all the effects. One thing that I found out was that it is very time consuming. Next time I won't have much of a problem with this software. 

Alyssa's Photoshop Elements Assignment

This assignment was pretty easy for me, as I'm already well-versed in Photoshop. I didn't really like doing edits by videos, as I just like editing with free will. But I still really liked knowing what to do and even doing things better than Mr. Harbeck (shhhhhhhhhh).

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Katie's A summary of My Vacation Photo Essay

It was hard choosing just 10 I did way more activities in my vacation but I wasn't aloud to take pictures in most shows and I don't think it's possible taking nice shots while up in the air or speed driving through the forests (It was fun btw, they put you in this type of car wear you can control the wheels as you drive along the forest), so enjoy!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Katie's Stop Motion Animation: A Day At The Mall

This is the stop motion me and Camilla created. We ended up not making any changes since of my holiday trip, but in my opinion I thought it was a pretty good video and needed no changes. I really liked how the video turned out, especially the lighting. The hardest part of editing this video was finding the music for it! It was difficult finding an up beat instrumental music that sounded good when connected with others and could be played for a mall theme, but in the end I had fun, but boy was I tired!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photoshop Elements Assignment

We are going to work on post production now.  Post production is when you modify your photos after you have taken them.

Your assignment will be
  •  Select 10 photos from your portfolio. 
  •  Give a title to each one ( it is important to use a name instead of a number)
  •  Keep the original photo
  •  Edit the photo using the videos below.  Choose one photo for each video.  (6 of them)
  • You may do more than one edit per photo.  You need to keep track of what you are doing and add this information to your slide.
  •  Once you have edited each one you need to rename the photo to illustrate what you have done i.e. tree become tree (cropped)
  • With the remaining 4 photos edit them at will but make sure you keep track of what you have done in the edit.
  • All 20 photos need to be a Flickr set.  Please upload to Flickr, make sure they are named, tagged and in a set called *Name* Photoshop Set
You will be putting these photos into a Google Presentation (minimum 31 slides).  For each photo you need to explain why you have chosen the edit that you have and how it has improved each photo.

Marking Rubric
Blog Post 10 marks (Include photo to make it look good!) Brief reflection of the assignment
Flickr Set 20 Marks (all images should be titled, and tagged)
Google Presentation 15 Marks (Title slide, 3 slides per photo original, information and edited)
Original Photos 10 marks (Title, tag)
Edited Photos 20 marks (title, tag, edits in tag)
Information Slide 20 marks 2-3 sentence story about improvements, list of edits made, Why is it better
Comments 5 Marks Show your sense of community by leaving comments behind at your fellow classmates.

Total 100

Deadline. Monday January 20

Watch these videos

Use crop guides for better composition

Bend text to your will using Photoshop Elements 10

The Orton Effect

Easily create a photo collage effect

Enhance specific areas with Smart Brush

Focus attention on your subject

More Videos are available at AdobeTV

Sunday, January 5, 2014

roselle's a day in my life

Roselle (the camera)