Monday, May 26, 2014

Katie's I have a dream: Martin Luther King Jr.

1. The message in Martin Luther King's speech was that everyone has freedom and that everyone is equal and that they should not judged by their skin but by personality. I think the slide which was the most important to me was "From every mountainside, let freedom ring" because it shows how they will finally get their freedom and show the world the difference it can make for the better.

2. The creative fonts that I presented were from the 5 tips of typography including the choice of font, spacing of the lines, different colors, contrast and sizing. Also making sure that the important words were very noticeable.

3. I will use the fonts creatively in the future for assignments involving powerpoints, or for just graphic work.

 4. The most difficult part was the audio because i tried over 3 times redoing the audio until it finally worked.

5. To convert a PPT to a WMV simply save it but instead of JPEG save it as WMV.

6. I wouldn't really change anything because it was quite fun creating the fonts and different styles, probably just do a shorter speech next time.


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