Monday, April 14, 2014

Perry Robles's I Have a Dream MLK

  1. The message in Martin Luther Kings speech was to let black people all over the United States to be free. He wanted for everyone to live together and have the same opportunities, not just for the blacks but for everyone. The one slide that was important to me was the second last slide, when he says "Free at last! Free at last!"
  2.  The creative uses of fonts I used in my presentation were change in font, size, color, spacing and contrast.
  3. I will use fonts creatively in the future when I have to do another PowerPoint sort of like this one in my classes in the future.
  4. The most difficult part in the process of making this PowerPoint was recording the animations because if you made a mistake you would have to restart all the way in the beginning, which i had to do like over ten times.
  5. I converted the PPT into a WMV by saving the PPT into a movie then uploading it onto YouTube which was way faster, I advise you to use a Mac for this type of project.
  6. I would change it by maybe only doing a little bit of the speech, because it was pretty long, or a smaller speech.


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