Monday, March 10, 2014

Video Stabalization and Slowing down or speeding up video clips

Please watch the two videos below

Video Stabalization

Slowing down and Speeding up Video Clips

Your last assignment using iMovie will be to create a tour of the school.  Use the iPad to film yourself walking around the school stopping at various locations and showing school life.  It should not be too long but more than one minute.

Once the movie is taken download from the iPad onto one of the Macs.  Use the lessons above to first stabilize the clip and then to select clips to speed up and slow down.  If you feel adventurous you can add a Picture in Picture of yourself describing the movie to your audience.

This will be our last assignment before we start creating the Athletic and Grad Videos.

For information about splitting clips in iMovie check out this video.

You have one cycle to complete this assignment.  While others are working on it please continue to work on your MLK speech.



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