Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Becoming Critical

Being a critic

I love that many of you are leaving comments behind on everyone's blog.  You are gracious and generous of leaving so many positive items of feedback.
Today you are going to be a critic.  This means that your opinions are not necessarily the same as the artist who has taken the picture. 
PART 1 As a Critic you will...
What is important is that you also ask questions about why the artist chose to use the edits that they did?

What did you like about the original photo?  In your opinion did the edits enhance the edited photo and make it better or different?
I do not expect you to do this for every photo.  Choose one or two photos per assignment, be critical but not rude.  Ask questions about the edits that were made and add your opinion about what you would have done.  This might give the artist added inspiration to change what has been presented.

You should also mention by name the photo you enjoyed the most in your critique.  Every set has a fantastic photo that stands out more than the others.

PART 2 As an artist...
As an artist appreciate that people are looking at your work.  Listen to the feedback and respond in a positive and gracious way. 
State your point and explain why you chose to edit the photo the way you did.  Would the comments of your peers make your photo better? 

I am looking for a conversation at the blog.  Communicate to each other through comments.

As a teacher I am looking forward to the conversations at the blog tomorrow.


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