Thursday, January 9, 2014

Photoshop Elements Assignment

We are going to work on post production now.  Post production is when you modify your photos after you have taken them.

Your assignment will be
  •  Select 10 photos from your portfolio. 
  •  Give a title to each one ( it is important to use a name instead of a number)
  •  Keep the original photo
  •  Edit the photo using the videos below.  Choose one photo for each video.  (6 of them)
  • You may do more than one edit per photo.  You need to keep track of what you are doing and add this information to your slide.
  •  Once you have edited each one you need to rename the photo to illustrate what you have done i.e. tree become tree (cropped)
  • With the remaining 4 photos edit them at will but make sure you keep track of what you have done in the edit.
  • All 20 photos need to be a Flickr set.  Please upload to Flickr, make sure they are named, tagged and in a set called *Name* Photoshop Set
You will be putting these photos into a Google Presentation (minimum 31 slides).  For each photo you need to explain why you have chosen the edit that you have and how it has improved each photo.

Marking Rubric
Blog Post 10 marks (Include photo to make it look good!) Brief reflection of the assignment
Flickr Set 20 Marks (all images should be titled, and tagged)
Google Presentation 15 Marks (Title slide, 3 slides per photo original, information and edited)
Original Photos 10 marks (Title, tag)
Edited Photos 20 marks (title, tag, edits in tag)
Information Slide 20 marks 2-3 sentence story about improvements, list of edits made, Why is it better
Comments 5 Marks Show your sense of community by leaving comments behind at your fellow classmates.

Total 100

Deadline. Monday January 20

Watch these videos

Use crop guides for better composition

Bend text to your will using Photoshop Elements 10

The Orton Effect

Easily create a photo collage effect

Enhance specific areas with Smart Brush

Focus attention on your subject

More Videos are available at AdobeTV


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