Sunday, December 15, 2013

Bethel Jimenez's Stop Motion Animation: Winter Wonderland

Reflection: This is the final draft for Mariel and I's stop motion animation. This had been really difficult for us to do. We had to make the camera stay in one place and make the lighting consistent. What we improved on is that this time our pictures are more in focus than the last time. We also took more pictures and made this video a tad bit longer. But as you can see the lighting on the final draft is different because we had a different place to shoot it on. Also we did this a bit faster than last time. Overall I had fun with this project. Enjoy watching!

Final Draft:

Rough Draft:


  1. Great job guys! I really enjoyed your stop motion. The movement of everything was on point, and I enjoyed the music too. The lighting was much better in your final draft so good improvement!

  2. Good job guys! I really enjoyed watching your stop and your idea! Your music fit it perfectly also! Great job

  3. Point of Focus on some shots was incorrect. There was not much of a story here.

    It is a wee bit quick and over almost before it starts.

    Good improvements between your first draft and final. I agree the lighting is much better in the final.