Thursday, December 19, 2013

Mariel Montales' Stop Motion Animation: Winter Wonderland

This is the final draft of the animation Bethel and I made. I think this was sort of a bittersweet project to do, because out subjects were hard  to keep in place. Luckily for us the lighting stayed consistent this time. That's because we shot the final draft in a different place than when we shot our rough draft. In our final draft we fixed the point of focus throughout the animation. We also added another random scene to the random moments, which made the movie a few seconds longer, even though we shot the movie in less time. I had a really good time doing this project, and it was even better with Bethel by my side. I hope you like the video as much as I do! :)

Rough Draft:


  1. I like how you change dthe introin the final draft, it looks better then the draft.

  2. I love your storyline, I found it very cute! Goodjob overall in both drafts!

  3. Point of Focus on some shots was incorrect. There was not much of a story here.

    It is a wee bit quick and over almost before it starts.

    Good improvements between your first draft and final. I agree the lighting is much better in the final.