Monday, December 9, 2013

Joel Bautista's stop motion: The Brainstormers

  First off I know my stop motion is not the best but I tried. It was pretty hard, confusing, and stressful to complete since i didn't get much help at all. I got it done on time and editing it was not really a bad time. I had fun on some parts of the stop motion, but I'm still pleased of what I accomplished. The idea and concept of the video came from my head and I thought why not. So I basically added some of the ideas down from my head into              the stop motion.  This is the final draft of my stop motion. In the end it looked better and I was more satisfied in my work, i had to speed up some of my frames and redo the music playing. Oh and I added the credits and such in the end because last time I forgot to.


  1. Good job Joel, I found your idea very creative. Although, I had a hard time trying to read some of the words you created with the items you used because of how fast it changed. Other than that, good job!

  2. Good idea! Pretty creative! Goodjob Joel(: