Sunday, December 15, 2013

Gem and Mae's Final Stop Motion: Pacman

Rough Draft:

Final Draft:

This is Mae and I's rough and final draft of our stop motion. One thing that we noticed was that the picture we took somewhat got cut off in the software we were using which was Windows Live Movie Maker. So we weren't able to fix that problem in our Final Draft. We also didn't know how to add music in our movie but we finally remembered how and added a type of music that seemed to fit in with our stop motion. One thing that I would like to change if we got the chance to is to be able to show the full picture and also making sure that our lighting was constant in every picture we took. We also realized that once the pacman eats the big yellow thing (pellet) all the ghost would turn blue but as you can see we weren't able to change that in our final draft. Other than that, I think Mae and I did a good job knowing that we took a good 5-6 hours planning and actually creating our stop motion. We hope you enjoy :)


  1. Wow! I was actually amazed while watching your video! Great job! I really liked your music also! :)

  2. I like your choice of music! Your drawings were also very good for it looked really like I'm playing the game. Good job!

  3. You have credits for the music but they are so fast that I am unable to read them at the end of the movie.

    Music choice was OK but I am sure there is pac man music out there somewhere that you could have used.

    I appreciate the reflection explaining how you make the final better. It explains your thought process well.

    Good first attempt at a stop motion