Sunday, December 15, 2013

Mae and Gem's Final Stop Motion: Pacman

First Draft

Final Draft


  1. I really enjoyed your video! It was really creative and the beat of your music was a good choice for your stop motion video! You and Gem did a great job! :)

  2. Your stop motion was very creative, it was very enjoyable!

  3. Great job guys! That was such a cool idea! One thing that you guys should fix for next time is that when the pacman eats the red dot thing, all of the fish thingy's are supposed to change to blue. Great job overall.

  4. Good idea! but maybe next time to make the video longer you should get the pacman to eat all of the dots but overall goodjob!

  5. No reflection for your video. You have credits for the music but they are so fast that I am unable to read them at the end of the movie.

    Music choice was OK but I am sure there is pac man music out there somewhere that you could have used.

    Not having the reflection cost you 5 Marks Sorry.