Thursday, June 12, 2014

Camilla's My Year in GCT

Five best things I did this year:

Skatepark Photo:

Day in my life photo:
The bright yellow car (Photo stack/collage)

1st Stop Motion project:

Picture in Picture:

Fun Day Set:

My Reflection for this year:

This year in GCT was pretty good I learned variety of things such as how to control a camera because before I find it a bit confusing using those, but now I'm okay with it. And also those angles of the camera and how to take a picture with the camera such as "rule of thirds" and "composition". Now I used these camera angles when I take photo (sometimes). And I learned a lot of things on imovie, it was a fun time editing on imovie and now I know how to work imove. Then I also learnt stuff from editing on Photoshop. Now I can edit properly with the picture I can take in the future. GCT was a great class, I learnt a lot from it and I hope I learn more next year. Im also wanting to learn how to work a video camera for next year maybe.


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