Sunday, June 15, 2014

Roselle's Year in GCT

This year i love this class.... the fact that we get to use cameras and use our phones in class were awesome :) It's one of my favorite classes this year. It was really fun!! We got to work on the yearbook and videos for important occasions. It was nice to explore and try the new things we did in GCT this year. I've always wanted how to use iMovie and if it weren't for this class, I couldn't have learned to use it. It was cool to try using a Mac because ive never used one. Also the I have a dream presentation was very useful and helpful for me because now i know how to create nice presentations with different styles. This year was really fast. There were so many opportunities with different ares like photography, video editing, and etc. Anyways I had fun in this class. :)

Photoshop elements PPT


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