Thursday, June 19, 2014

My Year In GCT

Photoshop Element

Stop Motion

First iMovie

Leaves Shot
Day2 Leaves

Quick shot
Day28 Something I'm afraid of

This year in GCT was a blast, I had fun learning new things and taking a lot of cool shots. This year I actally learned how to use iMovie on a Mac, to be honest it was pretty tricky. I also learned how to use the camera like how to change the aperture and stuff. I really enjoyed being in this class because Mr. Harbeck makes it more fun, like that time we took a fall walk and took some shots. That was really fun! The hardest challenge that I had trouble on was my I Have A Dream presentation. It was really hard because I couldn't really make it the way I wanted it. Overall, I enjoyed taking pictures and making videos. :) 


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