Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Emerald's I Have A Dream - Martin Luther King Jr.

  1. I believe that the message in MLK's speech is to acknowledge racial inequality, and to try and get people to change the way they act or think towards people of a different race. The slide that was most important to me was the slide about allowing freedom to ring, and with that it would speed up the day to when everyone of every race and religion are able to accept each other, holding hands singing that they're, "Free at last."
  2. The creative uses of fonts in my presentation was most of the time changing the color, font, or size to emphasize certain words or phrases that are important in the speech. I also played with the spacing a lot to add contrast and uniqueness to my presentation.
  3. I'll use fonts creatively in the future for school and work, to bring the audience's attention to the important points in my presentation. 
  4. The most difficult part of using powerpoint in this project was the fact that I had to send it to myself back and fourth from school and from home. The fonts I used at home would be different from what I used at school, and vice versa. I would have to change them again, which took up a lot of time as well. 
  5. I converted my powerpoint to a WMV using Windows Movie Maker, since I didn't have the 2010 version of Powerpoint and couldn't do it straight from the presentation. I had to save my slides as pictures and I had to insert all the pictures into Windows Movie Maker, as well as the audio. I adjusted the amount of time the slides would show so it would go with what he was saying in the speech. Then I just saved my movie, and uploaded it to Youtube. 
  6. I would change this assignment, and make it less time-consuming but other than that the whole thing was pretty straight-forward and I didn't really have problems knowing what I'm supposed to do.


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