Sunday, April 13, 2014

Jessica Hartogs I Have a Dream Presentation


1. What is the Message in MLK's speech.  Which slide of the many that you created was most important to you?

 On August 28, 1963, MLK gave a speech about freedom and equality. He gave a speech about how everyone is the same on the inside and its wrong to be judged my the colour of your skin. You should  be judged on your character not on your race. 

2.  What are the creative uses of fonts in your presentation?

I used alot of different types of fonts in my presentation. I used colours and text size to emphasize the most important words, I also used the more and less spaced letters for less important words and/or to make the the slide have a more interesting look to it., and many other things.

3.  How will you use fonts creatively in the future?

For all the future powerpoints and presentations I do i will use fonts to my advantage instead of them just being there to make sure everyone understands and is following along. I will use them to keep the audiance engaged in my presentation.

4.  What was the most difficult part of this process of making a movie from PPT?
The most difficult part for me was finding time to finish it because whenever I was not playing sports I was always on the phone with my grandpa in the hospital so between my 6 practices a week and m grandpa it was very difficult to find time.

5.  Create a user guide for future students.  How did you end up converting a PPT of WMV?
To change my Powepoint to a Windows Movie whatever I had went to Save as and it gave you things you could save the power point as I went down to WMV and I left it over night to render the over and the next day, it was saved in my U drive.

6.  How would you change this assignment next year?
If i could change this assignment for next year, I would pick a shorter speech.
but if you wanted to use the MLK speech again, either make it a partner assignment or give the kids a longer time to finish the speech.


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