Saturday, April 12, 2014

Gem Magnaye's MLK Speech

1. The message that Martin Luther King was trying to get across was freedom. Allowing black Americans to be free. He wanted everyone to live in a world as one, with the same rights and opportunities. 

2. The changes I made on my presentation were font, size, color, size and contrast.

3. I will use fonts creatively in the future if I am trying to create a PowerPoint or an assignment similar to this one.

4. The most difficult part of this assignment was making sure that every time I converted the presentation to a movie that it would have the audio with it. 

5. I converted my PowerPoint into a WMV file by clicking "file" which is at the top, going down to "save&send", then "create a movie", and then clicked "create."

6. I thought this speech was a really long speech and I thought it would take a long time to finish, so I would've chosen a smaller speech or re-create a part of the speech but overall it was a fun project. 


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