Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Da Silva's MLK Speech

-No Sound


1. The message in MLK's speech is to make freedom and justice a reality, to stop all racism that's happening in this world, and to believe and dream that one day everyone will be free, everyone will get the freedom they deserve. Of the many slides that I have created, the one I think is the most important is when MLK is explaining his dreams and then he says that with this faith, they can work together, pray together, struggle together, jail together, freedom together, and hopefully one day, to be FREE.

2. The creative uses of font that I did in my presentation was I used the 5 tips for better typography which is to changing the font, change the text size when needed, text contrast for example, making some words bold, also changed character and line spacing and the text color.

3. I will use fonts creatively in the future if I may have to do another presentation or an assignment similar to this one.

4. The most difficult part was actually reading the information I had in each slide and either changing the font of words, bolding words that I thought were important, or changing the color of words. Took me at least a month to finish.

5. I converted a PPT into a WMV file by going into powerpoint, clicking "file" which is at the top, going down to "save&send", then "create a movie", and then clicked "create."

6. I might've just choosen a smaller speech so it wouldn't take as long as it took us to finish, but otherwise, it was a good project.


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