Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Alyssa's MLK Speech Presentation

MLK's speech wasn't just about racial segregation, it was about the good ol' country of USA as well. MLK talks about the different states and how THEY should change, as well as the people. My favorite slides to do  were, actually, the ones ABOUT the states, and letting freedom ring. He kept talking about how even through the mountains and valleys and hilltops that freedom should ring all throughout all of the states.
The creative uses of the fonts were the sizes, fonts, colour, contrast, and spacing.
In the future, I plan to do something along the lines of film or graphic design, so I plan to use design or font very often.
The most difficult part of this project was the fact that you had to lug in the words and separate the words and then the amount of work you had to do for each slide.
For this, you had to just pull in the words, and play around with it. It wasn't hard, but just tedious. And then you had to insert the speech itself, while recording or setting the slide transitions. Afterwards, you had to save as a movie, or so it was called on the Mac's, and upload it all onto Youtube.
The only thing I would change wouldn't be the project itself, but the program we used to do this. I'd much rather like an in-depth program.


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