Thursday, April 10, 2014

Vina's I Have a Dream speech - MLK



1. The message in MLK's speech is that everyone should be free and be treated equally. No one should judge or treat others bad because of the colour of their skin or religion. My favourite slide that I created was "We cannot turn back." 
2. The creative uses of fonts in my presentation were based on the '5 tips for better typography'. 
3. I will use fonts creatively in the future when I do any projects or presentations. 
4. The most difficult part of the process for me, was figuring out what was important in each slide, and trying to make each slide different. 
5. It's pretty simple! Press: File -> Save & Send -> Create a video -> Create a video (on the right hand side)
6. I wouldn't change anything about this project. It was fun learning about fonts, and the 'I Have a Dream' speech all at the same time! 


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