Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Joel Bautista's Martin Luther King Jr. I Have a Dream Speech

The message in Martin Luther King's speech was that he wanted the black people to be free, to be equal, for everyone to be equal. He's had enough of the unfair treatment that was committed. his speech explains how everyone should all be equal no matter what. He has a dream that all black boys and girls and all white boys and girls would play with each other in peace, without being judged. He's motivated many people to understand what racism is and how it's affecting his people. Slide five was the most important to me because it explains how a black man has suffered and possibly not have a future in life. The creative uses of fonts I used was size, color, contrast, spacing, and text. In the future I will be starting a future in business course so i will be using power point and fonts very often. this presentation gave me a feel of what it'll be like for me next year. The most difficult part for me was organizing my words and fonts for each of my 75 slides, it took a while to complete it. The fonts and color gave me somewhat of trouble because I wanted to make it look good. I personally would just get the speech and put it all into my slides, and organize them. That way it'll make your life easier. Also make sure you use your spacing wisely and also your fonts. First you'll have to record yourself clicking each slide as Martin speaks, once that is done you convert it into a wmv file in power point. Once that is completed all you have to do is upload it onto Youtube. I liked the topic that we had to do this year but the only thing I'd change is the program that we used and also how long the presentation has to be.


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