Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Camilla's I Have A Dream - Martin Luther King


1. What is the Message in MLK's speech.  Which slide of the many that you created was most important to you
The Message in MLK's speech was strongly telling us how in the past that all black people got discriminated. Even other religion, race, and other background people. And the faith that we will be free one day from racism. Also a dream of freedom that everyone should be treated equally. The slide I picked would be "And so even though we face the difficulties of to day and tomorrow, I still have a dream." This seem important to me because its like saying even though you faced hard challenges, you'll eventually succeed. To be honest all slide would be important.

2. What are the creative uses of fonts in your presentation?
The creative uses of fonts on my presentation was honestly making one word or more in each slide or an important word to stand out because one important word from a slide means its really important to understand whats happening in his speech. I also spaced some words, and added color so it could standout. Also make the fonts different and enlarge as well. 

3. How will you use fonts creatively in the future?
Of course I will use fonts creatively in the future because I find it more exciting to read and the appearance would look nice, but more importantly how the fonts are important. 

4. What was the most difficult part of this process of making a movie from PPT
The most difficult part was probably making my ppt into a movie because I was really confused at first but then I did some research so im familiar with it now. And also there were parts in the speech of the presentation hard for me to make the typography more understandable and creative.

4. Create a user guide for future students.  How did you end up converting a PPT of WMV?
Step 1. First of all when you finish your slide show, make sure you do finishing touches.
Step 2. Next you can go file save as and for the file type it should be "wmv". You can find it below your file name and it has a bottom arrow and you scroll down until you see it. Click it and it should have a window popup, so just click "yes".
Step 3. Wait until the movie is rendering
Step 4. That's all you do and go ahead and upload it anywhere you like, but make sure its saved.

5. How would you change this assignment next year.
I like to change this assignment by making my fonts not to colorful because it was bothering me a lot, so I wish to change a typography like that.



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