Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Tran's "I Have A Dream" - Martin Luther King Jr speech

File:Martin Luther King, Jr. speaking at the Civil Rights Marc.jpg


1. The message in MLK's speech was that there should be equality for all god's children. Religion, culture, or the color of your skin shouldn't be a factor on how you treat someone. The most important slide to me was when he starts saying " I have a dream" and states all these dreams of his. 

2. I used all 5 ways of using creative fonts whether that was spacing, to move the letters closer to each other or further apart. Color and size, to emphasize what was more important and to make it stand out. I also used different types of fonts and changed the fonts in certain words to make it also stand out. The last thing I also did was put some words in bold or all capital. 

3. I will probably use this in the future if I ever need to make a powerpoint for one of my classes. I will make it look very nice and interesting to keep my fellow classmates interested. 

4. There was nothing really difficult, just really time consuming and frustrating because I just want to get it done and over with but definitely putting the audio in was difficult especially when you're in 13 minutes and mess up and have to start ALL OVER again.. which I did about 10 times.  

5. What I did to convert a powerpoint into a video was first nag Harbeck which didn't work, then asked Allysa but she couldn't tell me so I used my bestfriend GOOGLE and found this website where it shows you step by step. Heres the link. It was very helpful. 

6. What I would change for this assignment next year is for this to be a partnered assignment where one partner does the first half of the speech and the other does the second half so its not so time consuming. Otherwise than that it was easy, just very frustrating. 

okay bye(: 


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