Tuesday, April 8, 2014

I Have A Dream: Martin Luther King

File:Martin Luther King, Jr..jpg

1) The message in MLK's speech is to grant and accept racial equality. The slide that was most important to me is the part where he us talking about the faith and that with it, they could work together, knowing that they will be free one day.
2) The creative uses of font that I did in this presentation was choosing the right font to go with the whole thing and what he was saying. Another is when I made certain words bigger or smaller and added colour to them to emphasize the most important words. I also played with the spacing in some slides and combined colours, fonts and sizes to display contrast.
3) I will use this advantage and knowledge of using fonts creatively when I need to do a power point for either work or school, and be able to get a good response from the audience.
4) The most difficult part of this process was editing the fonts and the colours because it was pretty time consuming, to say the least.
5) I ended up converting this a different way than we were supposed to because I had to have the 2010 version but instead I have the 2007 one at home. What I did was, I saved the power point slides as images (jpeg) and put them into movie maker. I then added the audio and started to adjust the time of each picture so it was in sync with it. After I was done, I just published it after it finished converting.
6) I guess I wouldn't really change the assignment because it was pretty easy overall even if it's time consuming.


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