Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Roselle's I have dream -Martin Luther King

The message in MLK's speech is that we are all free in this world and no one deserves to be treated poorly becuase we were all born equal... The most important slide to me was probably the 6th slide because the message was really nice and i like how i set up the fonts and layouts.

2. the creative uses of fonts was putting effects into them and where to place them and actually figuring out what font looks good with the others...

3.I think in the future I will always now know how to use nice fonts and make a good presentation because this assignment helped a lot with it and let me explored new things with it.

4.The most difficult was timing the audio in with the slides because it took me long to do that part but as soon as i was done the rest were easy

5.firstly you save your powerpoint into a Jpeg then there's going to be a window that pops up and click everyslide.. After open a windows movie maker and upload your audio and your pictures (powerpoint slides) the slides are all pictures now and this will allow you to put them in seperately. Then just time it and save... :)

6. I dont actually know what to change but it took a really long time to do, so maybe a shorter speech but overall it was nice to explore on learning how to create a good presentation..


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